Hot New Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, and DJ Club Mixes

Hot New Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, and DJ Club Mixes

The Fresh Friday Show mixes the hottest new hip hop, rap, & RnB club party songs. Be sure to check out the song playlist!

It's mixed by DJ Dennis Blaze and hosted by DJ Beto Perez out of San Diego, California. You can listen and stream it for free online every Friday!

DJ Beto Perez was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in the South San Diego. His passion for music started at a young age when his cousins gave him vinyl records to play and he liked to make hip hop and rap mixtapes. This led him to a career as a DJ. He brings over 13 years of radio experience. In 2002, a young Beto kept calling the XHRM 92.5 FM request line and harassed his way on to becoming a Morning Show stunt guy. He's also worked at XHTZ Z90.3 FM and a few other Spanish stations.  He has since worked as a producer, an on-air DJ for both Spanish and English markets and has done some voice over work and currently is the voice of Caption Obvious.

You can currently catch Beto on weeknights on KSSX. He also does the Fresh Friday Show, and the KISS FM House Party.  Working for KSSX is truly and honor because Beto grew up listening to West Coast artists like Snoop, Dre, 2Pac, E40.

His hobbies include eating, his favorite is BBQ. He enjoys outdoor live concerts, any outdoor activities, watching plays, fixing up old cars, video games, reptiles, water sports, and is huge sports fan.

Dennis Blaze got his break in San Diego commercial radio in 1997. In 2002, he started producing mixshows for XM radio. He had a hiphop and reggae show on XM Channel 67 The City. At the same time, he was also producing a west coast show on XM Channel 65 The Rhyme called "Backyard Boogie". In 2012, Dennis Blaze became part of the 93.5 KDAY Los Angeles where he mixed every Saturday night. And in 2014, he started mixing for San Diego's New 95.7 KISS FM.

Aside from playing music, Dennis Blaze is known for his production and track remixes. Dennis Blaze has been providing these tools for DJs since his 1st vinyl release in 1999 under Universal records. To this day, Dennis Blaze continues to output clutch tracks that turn dancefloors into packed floors and heats up mixshows worldwide.

Dennis Blaze is also the music director for Record Pool and provides production tracks and remixes to the world's top digital record pools.

You can catch Dennis Blaze in the mix weekdays as well as Saturday nights on JAM'N 95.7 San Diego's Hip Hop and RnB radio station.!


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