Cardi B: I'm Leaving Offset, If He Cheats On Me Again

Cardi B doesn't look like the type of woman to get played by any man. In fact, it looks like she's always the one who's in control and we love that. 

If there's anyone who knows this by now, it's the rapper's fiance, Offset. For a while now, rumors have spread that the Migos member cheated on Cardi, while he was out in South Africa. These rumors were confirmed after his iCloud got hacked and fans saw video proof of Offset creepin'.

However, soon after this clip surfaced, Cardi and Offset hopped on social media together to show us that they're still going strong. But, the "Bodak Yellow" definitely made sure to warn Offset not to slip up again. Before she began performing her new "Bartier Cardi" single onstage, Cardi pulled one of Beyonce's popular Lemonade lyrics out of the bag to tell her fans that she checked her boo. 

"I let a n**ga know, though. You do that s**t again, you gone lose your wife," Cardi said. The audience, of course, went crazy when she said this. Check out the moment below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Don't hurt yourself, Offset. 

Photo: Getty Images