Creepy Delivery Guy Skeeves Out Woman With Texts

If all goes well, when you order in food, the delivery person shows up quickly, gets paid and leaves you to eat, never to be heard from again, but that's not what happened to England's Michelle Midwinter.

Michelle ordered her meal through Just Eat, a food delivery service in the UK, and aside from the delivery guy looking at her weird and not speaking, everything went well... until she got a series of creepy texts from a stranger, who turned out to be the delivery man.  

Along with ominously telling her to enjoy her meal, he went on to write, "If you have a bf tell me I don't want to make any problems but I do not just try to make friends in the end. Good night bby see you next time when I get your meal" and sent a kissing emoji. 

Disgusted, Michelle told him she was "literally never ordering from there again," and immediately contacted Just Eat, which didn't go very well either. 

After reporting the harassment to them, Just Eat offered her a $7 "goodwill voucher" for the "inconvenience." Michelle pushed back saying "it's not an 'inconvenience,' it's absolutely outrageous and disgusting behavior," so Just Eat offered her a $14 voucher. 

She turned to Twitter and her story went viral. Now many other women have come forward to say how deliverymen contacted them as well. 

Michelle is shocked by the amount of people who have reached out to her to say that they experienced something just like she did. 

As for what she is looking for, Michelle just wants companies to be aware that this is happening and to put an end to it. 

She might be one step closer to her goal - the Information Commissioner's Office in the UK learned of the incident and tweeted about how the delivery guy broke data laws.

The ICO also posted a link for anyone wanting more information. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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