Tupac and Mary J. Blige Crept on K-Ci of Jodeci

Photo by: VALERIE MACON / Staff

**WARNING: Explicit Language**


Tupac slangs that "Thug Passion" to Mary J. Blige, while she was in a relationship with K-Ci, of 90's R&B group Jodeci

Former head of Death Row’s security, Reggie Wright, tells Gab N Sam how Tupac and Suge would link up with Mary J. Blige and her close friend. I mean it's really not a big deal, until you wonder how certain songs may have came about. At the time, Mary J. Blige was in a relationship with Jodeci's K-Ci. You know... He features on two of Pac's songs, "How Do You Want It" & "Toss It Up". Mind you these songs were recorded after the deed was done. Got me thinking if the songs were directed towards Mary and K-Ci in the first place. But to add K-Ci on the hook!!! Pettiness at it's finest. Oh, but there's a lot more! Check out the audio from the phone interview. 

For me, if this has any truth. Was this East Coast Vs. West Coast "Beef" real or just a marketing scheme that cost the lives of Pac and Biggie? How do you feel about this?


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