Kanye West Producing Nas' Next Album

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca / Staff


NAS is ready to release his 11th studio album June 15th, hand produced by Kanye West.

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this album for almost 2 years! Since DJ Khaled dropped a song with Nas titled "Nas Album Done!" Since Nas announced his album was dropping soon on his last tour with with Lauryn Hill! This will be Nas' 11th studio album set to release June 15th!

As a student of Hip Hop: There was nothing like hearing about a collaboration in the works! ESPECIALLY when it came down to a producer and the M.C. (Rapper). This is like finding out Ice Cream and French Fries actually go together... You have to try it in order to judge me on that!

Nas is known for having one of the most classic hip hop album of all time "Illmatic" released in 1994. I do wonder which Kanye is producing this possible classic album. We all know Nas will deliver the rhymes with out a doubt, But we just never know with Kanye. Do you think Kanye and Nas will come through and give us something special? comment below!


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