Lloyd Bank$ Departs from G-Unit

Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

50 Cent takes it to Instagram to announce Lloyd Bank$' independence.

It seems there's no love lost between 50 and Bank$. 50 Cent promoted Bank$' upcoming mixtape via Instagram. "Check out my boy Lloyd bank$.New Mix tape coming soon!" Continuing in his post, claiming Lloyd Bank$ to be the Punch Line King. #PLK. 50 Cent admits to loosing touch with his Day One G-Unit Soldier, but that didn't stop him from showing Bank$ love. Which caught some attention in the comment section. We all know 50 to be a sarcastic individual, but is it hard to believe that he wants to support his long time friend? 

As for Lloyd Bank$. Nothing on his end to confirm his departure or anything about this mixtape, 50 claims to be coming soon. So is this a sarcastic post or something genuine? What do you think, has the G-Unit Dynasty come to and end?



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