Tekashi69 Takes Chief Keef's Baby Momma Shopping

6ix9ine blew 75k on Slim Danger, Chief Keef's baby momma, at the Gucci Store in New York City. This has to be one of the most disrespectful thing to do to your "enemy."

Tekashi69 took it to a whole new level with his BEEF between him and Chief Keef. 6ix9ine took Slim Danger to the Gucci store in New York City, and dropped 75k on her. Posted a video of them chilling while he gropes her. Chief Keef apparently not bothered by Tekashi's actions. But before we get too far. Lets understand why these two are beefing.

Early May, Taydo, Cheif Keef's cousin, was dating Cuban Doll. Who started hanging around 6ix9ine. It's not clear if Cuban Doll and 6ix9ine did any "ADULTING," but that is believed to have started the beef between Taydo and 6ix9ine. Cuban Doll took to Instagram Live, showing of a bruised faced, due to Taydo beating her for hanging around Tekashi.

It's not exactly clear where Chief Keef fits in, but just a few weeks ago, Keef flew out to New York for a show in Brooklyn. Tekashi called out Keef, giving Keef 48 hours to harm him. During Keef's stay in the Big Apple. He was shot at while standing in front of his New York hotel. Many are pointing the finger at 6ix9ine and his goons, but of course, Tekashi denies he or his peoples had any involvement.

This week, 6ix9ine took a flight to Chi Town, supposedly without any security. Feeding the homeless, giving away money to random people on the street. He even went as far as to pulling up to Keef's The Projects (housing community). A few of Chicago goons were out hunting for 6ix9ine, pulled up to a cafe, but missed him by a few hours. The waitress at the cafe confirmed that 6ix9ine actually had a few Body Guards with him, during his time at the restaurant. 

What are your thoughts on this situation?




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