Pair of Videos Show iPhone Survive Drops From Plane, Amusement Park Ride

A pair of videos showing iPhones being dropped from extreme heights and surviving are going viral. One video shows the iPhone being dropped from a plane and another from the world's tallest swing ride, with both devices surviving just fine. 

A woman named Cansel Yidririm was recording her reaction while riding the world's tallest swing ride (known as the StarFlyer) at an amusement park in Orlando, Florida when she suddenly dropped her phone from over 450 feet in the air. 

The phone continues recording as it plummets toward the ground, until it lands face up, pointing to the ride it just fell from. 

“It is truly a miracle that nothing has happened to my phone as it didn’t break or crack at all,” Yildirim told Click Orlando. 

Once the ride was over, Yidirim was able to locate her phone using the Find My iPhone app where she was pleased to discover that her phone was fine, with the exception of a scratch on it. 


That's not the only major drop an iPhone has survived lately. WhoTV in Iowa reports that a woman named Sarvinder Naberhaus was flying in a vintage biplane as part of the American Barnstormers 2018 tour when her iPhone accidentally slipped out of her hands from over a 1,000 feet. 

Naberhous was also able to locate her device using the Find My iPhone app and by calling it repeatedly from another device a friend had loaned her. 

“I thought I don’t think I’m gonna find it I’m just gonna leave, maybe I should at least try ringing it one more time,” said Naberhaus. “I thought I heard ringing, I’m trying to walk as quickly as I can towards the ringing sound.”

“I literally went into shock,” said Johnson. “’I asked this is this for real?  Is that the same phone?'” and I said ‘this is a miracle phone, you can’t drop a phone 1000 feet and have it still work!’”



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