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Tha Kid Reckless catches up with a San Diego artist who has made his success in music without being mainstream. ATO Worldwide explains his unique style of emceeing and hopes to influence the next generation.

Reckless: Who is ATO World Wide? What does ATO stand for?

ATO: I am an recording artist/songwriter. ATO is short for (Abash) The Others. 

A·bashəˈbaSH/verb past tense: abashed; past participle: abashed because to feel embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.

It was a name I had since junior high because I used to do the battle rapping and was always say I'll bash the others and I was really saying abash the others so it kind of stuck so I was going by abashed the others for a long time until I shortened it to ATO but then when Twitter came out I was trying to create an account and there were so many ATO this ATO that i eventually added the worldwide because i like to travel a lot.

Reckless: How have you been successful as far as writing music?

ATO: I've gotten a lot better over the years I've scored several film and television placements I also had the opportunity to work with my favorite animation studio who's responsible for a lot of your favorite cartoons by using my music. I've written songs for a few known artists, and I continue to get better.

Reckless: It seems young artist take the same road in music. You went a different route. How has getting you music synced help you through out your career? 

ATO: I think, what it is, that everyone is expecting for artist to do the same typical thing, follow the same formula. I just decided to move a little differently and place the music in front of or behind certain types of media that everyone can relate to. There for, when they hear the songs or see my face, or even hear my tags they could always identify it with whatever piece of media they were engaged with. If that makes sense.

Reckless: You bring a lot of lyricism to the table. With today's rap music, how vital is it, to have the capabilities of being able to deliver such rare talent.

ATO: I think it's very vital because it showcases the value of being an emcee a rapper whatever you want to call yourself in this hip hop world, although the particular style that I have Mason rare it's only because nowadays we lack development and coaching and mentoring, showing a lot of the new kids the significance, the importance, and the understanding for being a true Emcee or rapper in hip hop. So what I plan to do and what I've been doing, I've been mixing the new wave of Hip Hop with the golden age of hip-hop. Meshing them together and creating some sort of hybrid, so where you can please everyone and for the folks that know nothing of how the essence of hip-hop it's supposed to be. I only hope that I can give them a glimpse of what they should know.

Reckless: You recently released a music video with two songs featured. "I'll Do it myself" and "Whole Thang" feat. Lathan M Warlick. The video shows you at 2018 Comic Con. What was the reason behind that? 

ATO: The reason behind it was to basically bring all of my interest in one place I love hip hop love making music I love the art of being a rapper but I also love Pop Culture comic books anime movies television basically every sort of popular media I'm interested in it because everything goes hand-in-hand with one another you can't make a film without music you can't create music without being inspired by film so why not shoot a video at Comic-Con and it's something that I've wanted to do for a very long time. And I'm so heavily involved in that world so it's basically a second language to me.

Reckless: How do you separate yourself from other artist trying to tap in here in San Diego?

ATO: I don't really separate myself from anyone. I just do what I want and I'm not afraid to do what's on my mind. I'm not afraid to express myself as long as I'm able to inspire the next person that have doubts, and that are afraid or skeptical or like outlets to projector visions. I just do what I want and I love that about myself.

Reckless: What's the next move for ATO? 

ATO: I am going to be releasing a new project really soon and I have a few projects that I'm working on as far as visuals television and film, and I do have something really really huge that I've been working towards. I'm going to reveal shortly, but other than that, I'm just working on new music. I will be releasing an extended player with DJ ICEE

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