On Deck With Reck

Tha Kid Reckless chops it up with San Diego's up and coming. And hits you with a Video World Premier Dru Jefe's "On Mommas" Produced by Chosen On The Beat.

Reckless: First off, dope record! It’s honestly my favorite R&B record coming out of Dago. What inspired that record. Did you feel you were sitting on gold after you recorded the song?

Dru Jefe: Well, Chosen had the record ready. He was very instrumental in the whole process. He and I talked about working together in the past and one day told me he had something for me. We locked in and made it happen.

Chosen: Honestly, the day you hit us about the record is when I knew Dru and I had a something.  I had my doubts, but Dru kept positive. Then more and more people were giving us feed back. Some people couldn't believe it was Dru singing. A few DJs believed in the song from jump. They started playing the record in their mix sets. But, when I heard "On Mommas" on JAM'N, that's when I really knew

Dru Jefe: Yeah, I was excited when I heard "On Mommas" on JAM'N. It’s not often, as a local artist, you get to reach the radio platform. I feel blessed and humbled.

Reckless: Dru, How many songs do have produced by Chosen? 

Dru Jefe: I have 3 songs produced by Chosen. Two are out now, “Work” & “On mommas." The third record is in the works as we speak and is coming very soon. 

Reckless: Chosen, you’re behind a lot of fire records out here in San Diego. How does it feel to be the go to producer?

Chosen: It’s actually dope that locally artist what to to work with me. It’s a good feeling and it also solidifies that my beats are actually good enough. 

Reckless: What influences your creativity when working on a beat?

Chosen: Man everything. I can hear a weird sound in my car or a bird chirping that would motivate me to create. It’s not just one thing though. Sometimes I want to sample something i heard in a movie. Other times I could be searching for a sound, and end up playing a certain melody, chord on accident that catches my ear. 

Reckless: My bad for not making it out to any of the video shoots. Who shot the video, and how was the process for filming it?

Dru Jefe: Man it’s all good you’ve done enough, but it was shot but Hugo Ceaser. He’s from San Diego as well.  The process was pretty long, but it was fun to see the growth and how far me and my team have come. 

Reckless: Chosen,have you thought about putting an album together and feature your favorite artist from San Diego?

Chosen: I have. I kinda want to be like the DJ Mustard or Khaled of S.D. I was working on a project titled “Cocaine." Because my beat tag say "Chosen This beat Dope."  Emphasizing the the music is metaphorcally cocaine. 

Reckless: What’s next for Dru Jefe? 

Dru Jefe: I’m actually going into heavy promo mode, with "On Mommas." Besides that, I’m putting together a mini tour (check social media for dates). I'm also working on the next single it’s called "Bang." Can't wait to share it. 

Reckless: Where can people find you gentlemen as far as social media?





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