DJ Self Gets New Hairline - Angie Martinez Investigates!

On Tuesday DJ Self debuted a brand new hairline and we were blown away and left with way too many questions. So Angie Martinez did it for the people and got Self on the line to find out exactly how he got his 15-year-old hairline back.


"This the magic of hairline was so crazy but I see that a lot of people do different things to enhance their hair so I said let yo let me see how it would look if I enhanced my hair and now I'm looking fresh for the hair looks so beautiful."

While he fully didn't disclose if it's a weave, unit or just some good old powder hair color, he did say that Mr. Commodore's constant trolling is the reason why he sought out new hair line.

Big S/O to master barber Sam Sneed who is fully responsible for giving Self his hairline all the way back.

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