King Combs Opens Up On Kim Porter's Passing, Keeping Bad Boy's Legacy Going

King Combs pulled up to The Angie Martinez show today in his first interview since the passing of his mother Kim Porter. Opening up to Angie he spoke about the moment that he found out about her passing saying that he was on his way to the airport, "As soon as I got in the car and my song came on the radio and I knew that was her talking to me". Going on he spoke about how rough it was after her passing, and not expecting the amount of love he was shown online for it after it happened, "I definitely felt a lot of love that was needed at the time, It was real rough at the beginning we was always a tight family but now we even closer, we eating dinner together every night, all under the same roof".

Being the son of Diddy the young rapper has a lot of pressure on him to keep the legacy of the family & Bad Boy going, lightheartedly joking "Pops kicked me out the crib last week telling me its time to get up and work, he isn’t an easy pops, he be on my back OD, Its up to me to keep (the legacy) going, I'm ready for that".

When asked about who is the best dancer in the family he said it has to be his father and possibly his older brother Justin, “I ain't even going to lie my pops be pulling out some moves, Justin be walling to, he taught me how to get light”.

Check out King Comb's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below...

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