Sapphire Gets Scared And Terrified In Hollywood!

If you were listening to Frankie and Tati Friday morning you may have heard that I was out of the studio and out in my hometown of LA!

I was invited to a special press showing of the upcoming horror film 'The Curse of La Llorona' which is an Latin Urban Legend! To my surprise I didn't realize the many variations of the crying woman aka La Llorona who was a woman scorned by her cheating husband and decides to take away the two things he loved the most...their sons. Set in 1970s Los Angeles, La Llorona is stalking children and a mother who happens to be a widowed social worker. Starring Linda Cardellini, Patricia Velasquez and Raymond Cruz; prepare yourself for one hell of a thrill scare with this new connection to the Conjuring and Annabelle universe...

My LA trip was amazing! Last Thursday I got to watch the film among other members of press from both the US as well as France, Brazil and Mexico! The screening took place on the historical Warner Brothers lot and ended the night with an exclusive ghost studio lot tour! Did you know that WB is haunted by their own "lady in white"....none other than Hollywood queen, Betty Davis! Also got hear that the La Llorona set as well as the LA house which Linda Cardellini's movie family was in was also haunted!

Friday, WB allowed myself and other radio DJs host a rountable interview with Linda, Patricia and Raymond along with director Michael Chaves who's set to be the director of the upcoming 3rd Conjuring film. *INTERVIEWS WILL BE POSTED SOON!*

Enjoy the footage below as I got a curandero and limpieza performed on me! For those who do not know what that is it's when a shaman or healer surrounds your body with sage, holy water and prayers to protect you from evil spirits!

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