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In case you missed it, here's what happened today on Frankie & Tati In The Morning.

603a Daddy’s Special Balloons 

Francis calls as an elementary school liaison saying a man’s son brought condoms during Show and Tell. The son called them daddy’s magical balloons. Francis questions his role as a father, who claims the son didn’t get the condoms from him and maybe the school had them. Francis then suggest the man get a vasectomy and say he’d be a better single dad than he is

618a Yes or BS: Take On Tati With Brainy Braden

Braden is no stranger in taking on Tati and finds victory!

Highlight headline: Last night in Detroit someone stole an ambulance with a patient inside...they’re still at large Added 300 New Terms, Including "Dad Joke," "JOMO," "Womp Womp," and "Toxic Masculinity"

FULL STORY: just added more than 300 new words and phrases to their official lexicon. But are they all words we really NEED? We'll let you decide. Here are a few notable additions . . .

1. screen time (noun), "the amount of time spent watching content on a screen."

2. JOMO (noun), "stands for the joy of missing out . . . a feeling of contentment with one's own pursuits and activities." So, the opposite of FOMO.

3. infodump (noun), "a large quantity of backstory supplied all at once."

4. womp womp (interjection), "used to dismiss or mock a failure."

 5. JSYK (abbreviation), stands for "just so you know."

6. toxic masculinity (noun), "a cultural concept of manliness that glorifies stoicism and dominance, that is socially harmful to mental health."

7. welp (interjection), "an informal variant of well, used to indicate disappointment."

8. crybully (noun), "a person who self-righteously harasses others while playing the victim."

9. dad joke (noun), "a corny and generally unfunny joke, reminiscent of the types of remarks made by middle-aged or elderly fathers." 



City council votes today at 2pm to save the venue, there was a rally yesterday supporting it yesterday


Worker Christopher Griffin died on production scene of the upcoming festival and was an SD native

Homeland Secretary

Kristin Neilson Resigned over frustrations with Trump admin’s Central Americans crossing the border Kevin Mcneal took over  

Nipsey Hussle

21k seats at Staples this Thurs the last time a memorial took place there was for MJ in 2009 

Kodak Black 

Disrespected Lauren London by tweeting he’d take care of her and is now muted by LA’s Power 106 


Not performing at Coachella due to production issues


Got a new song from SZA/Travis Scott/The Weeknd for the final season premiere this Sunday April 14th 

736a “My Son Will Be A Manly Man”: Ex Chronicles 

Lauren calls in about her and her husband Carl’s parenting styles in regards to gender colors and toys. She says Carl wants their son to be a “man’s man” and is uninterested in his son wanting to play with girl toys or wear girl clothes. Carl says there’s no way his son is going to play with dolls despite him having girl cousins. Lauren says he said more offensive things in regard to this issue to which Carl says she’s teaching their son to be a “soft ass child”. 

741A Ex Chronicles Calls 

Rican says he’s with the dad 

Woman says that was intense and people are so scared to be who they want to be....let the kids be who they want to be and play with what they want to play with 

Johnathan, Downtown is on both sides but says that they both shouldn’t enforce certain activities on the kid “there’s nothing wrong with pink!” 

Leslynn, Bonita Village used to be a preschool teacher saying it doesn’t define a child’s sexuality 

757a ICYMI 

Box Office

  1. Shazam!- $53.5m
  2. Pet Sematary-$25m
  3. Dumbo-$18.2m
  4. US-$13.8
  5. Capt. Marvel-$12.7m 

JR Smith

Getting heat for photo of him showering naked with baby daughter sitting down 

Jussie Smollett

May countersue Chicago and his lawyers say they won't be intimidated

Kodak Black 

Got TI saying he needs to fix that sh*t on his half assed apology

843a Listen To The Youth!: Tati’s Two Cents 

If you’re looking for inspiration it's all around you...but you should really talk to the youth! We can’t change what has happened in the past, sometimes you have to listen to them more so telling them what’s right and wrong in this day and age. Tati’s speaking in regards to her visit to the Blue Heart Foundation’s signing day with the teens selected for their colleges. 

954a icymi 


Rally was held yesterday to save the venue, city council will vote today on whether or not to sell. Another will happen today at 1:15p

Nipsey Hussle 

Producer Sapphire was able to go to the Marathon store to pay respects

His memorial will take place Thurs at the Staples Center in LA 

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Listen To The Youth!: Tati's Two Cents - Thumbnail Image

Listen To The Youth!: Tati's Two Cents

“My Son Will Be A Manly Man": Ex Chronicles - Thumbnail Image

“My Son Will Be A Manly Man": Ex Chronicles

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