Today on Frankie & Tati [4-18-19]

603a New Neighbor Jamboozle

Frankie calls as a new neighbor to blame a woman for their roach problem. He says the roaches came from her place as reported from the exterminator. He says he’s going to send her the $2500 bill for the roach infestation due to “her and her disgustingness”

620a Yes Or Bs: Take On Sapphire With Dirty Daniel

Daniel on the 805 got his phone cut and makes Sapphire a winner with a week score of 3-1

Highlight headline: A car salesman kidnapped a customer, made him withdraw $200k from the bank then smoke crack with him

635a It's Rude to Ask for a Friend's WiFi Password? Plus, the Top Ten 'House Rules'

FULL STORY: A new survey in the U.K. asked people to name the top rules you're expected to follow at someone's house. And I didn't even know this was rude: Over a quarter of people said it's impolite to ask for the WiFi password.

Apparently it's even ruder if you do it right when you get there. So you're supposed to wait at least 30 minutes. And 1 in 10 people said they've REFUSED to give out their password before. Here are the ten most common rules you're expected to follow in someone's house . . .

1. Take your shoes off at the door.

2. No shoes on the sofa.

3. Always flush the toilet. So the "let it mellow" rule doesn't apply if you're a guest.

4. Use a coaster.

5. No phones at the dinner table.

6. No swearing, especially if they have kids.

7. Put the toilet seat down.

8. Wash your hands before dinner, or they'll think you're gross.

9. Put on slippers and socks when you enter the house. (???)

10. Don't assume you can go anywhere in the house. Some rooms could be off limits, like a bedroom or bathroom.



Spotted in IB YESTERDAY! Lifeguards warn residents


Has been raised for Notre Dame Cathedral

NBA Live 2K19

You can play as Nipsey Hussle; he now joins the other playable celebs including YG, Lil Dicky and Jadakiss

7:35 -Parenting On Steroids

  • Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer J. Mossimo Giannulli, are vowing to fight charges accusing them of participating in an elaborate fraud to get their children into college.
  • “These are parents trying to help their kids. Yes, it is parenting on steroids,” said Lara Yeretsian, a criminal defense attorney who was part of the legal team for both Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson.
  • Loughlin and Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 to have their two daughters admitted to USC as crew recruits. Though neither is a rower, the parents saw being a coxswain as their daughters’ ticket into the private college, according to an affidavit filed in federal court. USC’s admissions rate is 13%.
  • They began discussing the plot with William “Rick” Singer in April 2016 after they met with the college counselor of their older daughter, Isabella, according to the affidavit.
  • “I’d like to maybe sit with you after your session with the girls as I have some concerns and want to fully understand the game plan and make sure we have a roadmap for success as it relates to [our daughter] and getting her into a school other than ASU!” Giannulli allegedly wrote to Singer.
  • Singer told the couple that Isabella’s academic qualifications were “at or just below the low end of USC’s admission,” according to the affidavit.
  • Authorities allege the couple agreed to take advantage of what Singer called his “side door” into the university by bribing USC senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel to designate their daughter as an athletic recruit on the crew team. Heinel is also charged in the scheme and has pleaded not guilty
  • “The key will be explaining the $500,000,” she said. That’s far more than the $15,000 actress Felicity Huffman allegedly paid Singer. Huffman has agreed to plead guilty.

747a Parenting On Steroids Calls

A mom of 3 says parents will do anything for their kids, but with boundaries, she has one kid that is college bound and enforces her to work hard.

Another mom who’s also a high school coach says if your kid isn’t playing it's because they’re not good or their grades aren’t up to par. She also had to question her own daughter’s coach as to what could help her be better

Rican, Oceanside says Lori isn’t guilty and that parents do this all the time

Another dad said he has done his kid’s home work but also feels that Lori needs jail time

755a ICYMI


In the attack at the CV tacos shop are guilty but the suspects are Morse HSstudents

Alex Trebek

Will return in the fall this year, he confirmed on the show last night that despite cancer he will be back for one more season


Toronto Maple Leafs are blaming the rapper for losing against the bruins after wearing a jersey and has been banned from the next games

845a Two Cents With Coach David Dunn

David Dunn, Coach of Lincoln HS chimes in about the Lori Loughlin situation which was paying for her daughters’ entries into college. David says there’s a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed, parents are willing to move to put their kids in the best schools/teams. He’s had kids from the rich areas who’s parents want them to experience the real definition of hard work by going to school in Urban neighborhoods. He’s a father of 6 and says he’d never pay for his kids way into college let alone a team.

856a ICYMI


Won game 1 of the playoffs 6-5 Game 2 tonight


Carl’s JR is releasing a a CBD burger ONLY in Colorado saturday

Wendy Williams

Ex husband has been fired from his Exec Producer role on her show

955a ICYMI

Lil Dicky

Dropping new music and video with possibly Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber, Lil Jon, Sia, Halsey it’s called Earth

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