Today On Frankie & Tati[5-3-19]

Friday, May 3, 2019

601a Deodorant Collections Jamboozle

Francis the collections agency tells a woman she needs to pay up after not having the proper credit card information for her deodorant subscription. He says she’s been getting the product shipped to her house and that it looks as though she’s getting it for free. She says that she thought that she was paying the $24 subscription; Francis says that’s not the case and that because of her stupidity it’s going to cost her $100. She then demands to speak to his supervisor(Tati) who then “fires” Francis and it’s revealed to be a prank from her roomie.

619a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With AM Andrea

Andrea is in disbelief that she got through but she’s driving through Mission Trails area

Highlight headline: Taco Bell will start selling $60 bikinis which are after their hot sauce packets

635a Four Potential Health Benefits of Beer[THRILLIST]

1. It reduces the risk of kidney stones. A recent study found one beer a day can lower your risk by 41%.

(Bonus fact: Doctors who specifically study kidneys are called nephrologists.)

2. It can help replenish you after a workout. The carbs in the beer are good after you've just burned a bunch of calories. And studies have found it might be better than water when you're dehydrated.

3. It's good for your bones. A study at the University of Texas found that an occasional beer can actually increase bone density.

4. It might help prevent Alzheimer's. The science is still out. But some researchers think trace amounts of aluminum in our body has something to do with Alzheimer's. And a study in Spain found two beers a day can limit its ability to damage your brain.

655a ICYMI….9 Headlines in 95.7 secs...Tati gets 6

Person of Interest

From the OB murder Wednesday was now shot in La Mesa yesterday after being caught with a knife trespassing

May 19th

Better to Give with Plant Heart Meals


Vs Dodgers tonight 710p and it's beerfest in the park

Miss USA

Crowned last night NC’s Chelsie Krys

Cardi B

Addresses her vagina NOT being seen at Billboard awards and proceeds to flaunt it on IG


Trolled Charlize Theron by a shirt saying Happy Birthday on a text to her publicist whom she shares with the movie star

New Music

Logic and Eminem-Homicide

737a “It’s Just Porn! I’m Not Cheating!” :Ex Chronicles

Sheena is concerned over her fiance Justin’s porn watching habits saying it's cheating! Justin says this shouldn’t be considered cheating but more of a hobby just like watching baseball; he says it would’ve been cheating if he was taking another woman not watching adult films.

747A Ex Chronicles Calls

A Woman chimes in saying it's not cheating and suggest they watch together. She also adds that people have celeb crushes all the time this isn’t different

Sonya, El Cajon chimes in and says men are just sexual beings, and that this is not cheating and build up the self confidence. He could be cheating at a strip club or talk to another woman

Skyline Jerome says unless she’s

Tory, Oceanside says he’s a grown ass man and get over it he’s not cheating

Sheena says she’s still not comfortable but asks if he’s thinking of her while watching to which Justin says there’s no other woman he’s envisioning

756a ICYMI

New Music

YG Go Loko

New Music

The Longshot

The Intruder

El Chicano

On Netflix

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile starring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy

819a Frankie’s Uncle Rico Moment

Frankie says Eric Johnson who is Jessica Simpson’s husband and him played against each other in HS Football. Frankie actually took him out by the knees which was an illegal block. Johnson also had an NFL stint

840a Mother Of A Black Son :Tati’s Two Cents

“My son is mixed and his melanin is poppin, so yes, I give my 2 Cents. I am MIXED and I have been told on many occasions that my seat isn’t mine because I am not what people want me to be. I say, too bad.”[TATI]

Tati says she may not be like you or look like you; but she’s listening. Someone called her out for not being black and that she can’t relate.But she can due to her being the mother of a black son. Tati’s mixed with EVERYTHING, but she feels the same fears that others do and she’s an ally for the voiceless. 

855a ICYMI


New trailer for ep 4 is looking like a good one for Cersei

Matching Tattoos

Kylie went all out for Travis’s bday at Universal studios Hollywood and Travis/Kid Cudi got matching tats

955a icymi


Dame Dash



No longer with Salt N Pepa


Renewed for Season 6, Mixish coming later this year


Deshawn Jackson will pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle this season with custom cleats with his lyrics

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