Today On Frankie & Tati [5-24-19]

602a Garbage Jamboozle

Francis a garbage representative calls a man to say neighbors have complained about his smelly garbage. He says the smell is so bad, seeping through their windows that the city is fining him $300. The man tells Francis “to kiss his ass and to come to this smelly house”. The man yells and threatens to come to his smelly house in which Tati jumps in saying he has stank mouth. It’s then revealed his wife is behind the prank

619a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Mighty Marisela

Marisela, Escondido is a first timer in taking our smack talking T and came out a winner! Tati was 1-4 this week

Highlight headline: A A French student made a bomb threat on a plane because he didn't want his parents to visit him was recently sentenced to 9months in French prison

635a The Five Worst Things Men and Women Can Do on a First Date (YouGov)

FULL STORY: If you've got a first date this weekend, this might help you land a second one . . .

A new survey asked over 1,200 people to name the WORST things you can do on a first date. And texting or talking on your phone too much is #1.

Apparently it's even worse than looking nothing like the profile pic in your online dating profile.

  • The five worst things you can do on a first date are: Using your phone too much . . . not looking like your profile pic . . . chewing too loudly . . . talking too much without asking questions . . . and showing up late.
  • The top five are a little different for men and women though: 25% of guys said taking photos of your food to post on social media is a huge turn-off. And 25% of women said not offering to pay for dinner is one of the worst things men can do.
  • The survey also asked people about their preferred way to REJECT someone if they don't want a second date. Doing it via text was the #1 answer, followed by calling them on the phone . . . GHOSTING them . . . and meeting up in person is fourth.

655a ICYMI Challenge….9 headlines in 95.7 seconds...Tati gets 9!!


Gulls taking on Chicago at 7pm

16 yr old boy

Killed in Linda Vista by an unknown shooter who drove from the scene

Cell phone

Footage putting a spit mask on 12year old boy from Sacramento has surfaced and the mother is demanding a public apology


Writing farmers a $16B check

Natural Disasters

Victims are receiving $ 19b in aid from senators


West Point Academy making history in it's 217th year of graduating the largest African American female students 


Asian Superheroes coming called Agents of Atlas featuring a Filipino named Wave


Can't accept death of Nipsey profits of each song from 4Real 4Real Album to his children

Jussie Smollett

Making case docs public

735a All Or Nothing: Ex Chronicles

Sandra’s a fan of the show and calls in about her ex Rico whom she’s fed up with. She says Rico rarely visits their 10 year old son...maybe 3 times a year! She says the son is traumatized by the empty promises. At this point she rather Rico be an absentee father! Rico says he’s doing the best he can working three jobs...He says he loves their son but that this is the best he can do right now.


Styrofoam Ban

Second phase in effect today

Charles Barkley

Says if he was still in the NBA he’d punch out Drake

In Theatres




New Music

Ed Sheeran-Cross Me ft. Chance the Rapper

Ally Brooks-Lips Don’t Lie ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

746A Ex Chronicles Calls

Rican, Oceanside says give Rico some credit for making an effort

Hayley is with Rico and says she’s coparenting from Texas saying Sandra needs to get off Rico’s ass for at least making a little effort...something is better than nothing

Destiny, Oceanside is a single mom and disagrees with Sandra; she understands being an ex military wife and says who knows if the child is really hurting

Lymon, Poway says Rico needs to explain his methods more. His lady is currently co-parenting with her ex and says they work out a system no matter how busy they may be

Sandra says it's not about her, it's about being in Dante’s life, she wants him to be there more

Rico says he wants to change and doesn’t want to be dead to his son

842A Holiday Weekends Aren’t For DUIs: Tati’s Two Cents

With the long weekend ahead, Tati says she’s embarrassed that almost 10 years ago she made the mistake of drunk driving. She was arrested for a DUI, she called it scary being that she was also with her husband. Luckily with the help and expensive debt of $5k, that record is gone. She had to take classes for drugs and alcohol abuse, had her license suspended...all while being a mom of 3. She please please please CALL A LYFT, UBER OR FRIEND THIS WEEKEND!

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