Pair Of YouTubers Arrested At National Security Site Near Area 51

Govert Sweep, 21 and Ties Granzier, 20

Authorities in Nevada arrested a pair of YouTubers from the Netherlands for trespassing at a National Security Site that is just ten miles from Area 51. Deputies with the Nye County Sheriff's Office found Ties Granzier, 20, and Govert Sweep, 21, sitting in their car about three miles into the site.

They told the officers they saw the no trespassing signs and ignored them, so they get a closer look inside. The two men had a laptop, a drone, and a camera, which contained video footage shot inside the site.

Granzier and Sweep were taken into custody and charged with trespassing. They face a fine of up to $500 and a maximum of six months in jail. 

The two men said they flew to the United States to attend a viral Facebook event calling for people to storm Area 51 to find the aliens that some conspiracy theorists believe are being held at the secret military base.

Photo: Nye County Sheriff's Office


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