This Is The Best Farmers' Market In California

Woman choosing greenery and vegetables at farmer market and using reusable eco bag.

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Farmers' markets have evolved over time. Not only are they places to support local farmers and purchase produce and other goods from them, but people gather to hang out with family, enjoy entertainment, and eat delicious food.

There are various farmers' markets throughout the United States, but some stand out more than others, according to Eat This, Not That! The website found the best farmers' market in each state, including California. That honor goes to...

Downtown SLO Farmers' Market!

Here's what writers said about the marketplace:

"This year-round farmers market is the place to be on Thursday nights. In addition to the usual veggie suspects, SLO Farmers' Market has carved out a niche and is known for its charred meats and veggies served hot off the grill. Leading up to Halloween, the market has fun programming like 'Scary-oke!' and a costume contest. 'The Thursday night farmers market is a big, big deal here in SLO and, if you are in town, on a Thursday night, you should check it out,' one Yelp reviewer wrote."

You can find SLO Farmers' Market along Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. Check out their list of vendors here.

For other amazing farmers' markets, check out Eat This' full list.

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