California Officers Make Massive Drug Bust On 'Stoner Drive'

Photo: California Highway Patrol - Buttonwillow

California Highway Police officers shared an amusing coincidence during a recent drug bust.

Officers were making a traffic enforcement stop on a sedan in Buttonwillow where they found nearly 100 pounds of marijuana.

It all went down at the intersections of Stockdale Highway and Stoner Drive.

"What happens at Stockdale and Stoner stays at Stockdale and Stoner," reads a post on the CHP - Buttonwillow's official Facebook page.

CHP told KGET that one officer noticed the driver was in a vehicle driving next to another in what looked like a speeding contest. The officer decided to pull over the driver in a BMW after noticing the vehicle had expired registration and illegally tinted windows.

When the officer approached the vehicle, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana. Officers searched the vehicle and found around 90 pounds of marijuana in the backseat and the trunk.

The man in the vehicle was cited for alleged marijuana possession and vehicle violations and was released, according to CHP Officer Adam Johnson.

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