VIDEO: Adorable Wild Baby Animals Rescued By San Diego Humane Society

Photo: Getty Images

The San Diego Humane Society released an adorable video featuring baby animals like skunks, ducklings, and more.

Every spring the Humane Society's Project Wildlife program receives an inpouring of injured and orphaned baby wildlife. To better meet the needs of these baby animals, they turn to the community.

The Humane Society's 12th annual Wildlife Baby Shower will be held virtually. Members of the public can donate gifts from the baby registries to help Project Wildlife's team prepare for the arrival of a wide variety of species.

"The community's generosity will help give these babies the care they need to grow healthy and strong before they're released back into the wild," said Jon Enyart, San Diego Humane Society's director of wildlife medicine. "Every heating pad, bag of birdseed and can of baby food donated will make a lifesaving difference and we are so grateful for the support."

According to Patch, the Humane Society saves and rehabilitates more than 13,000 injured, orphaned, and sick wild animals every year.

In 2020, they opened a new Ramona Campus which specializes in caring for native apex predators and birds of prey including eagles, hawks, owls, bears, bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lions under special pilot authorization.

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