California Town Starts #BringHomeBacon Campaign To Find Lost Piglet's Owner

Photo: Getty Images

Police officers in a California town are hoping to reunite a lost piglet with its owners.

The "adorable" piglet was found wandering around a suburb in Pleasanton last week, according to a post from the Pleasanton Police Department's official Twitter account.

"Anyone lose this little piggy?" they wrote with several photos of the adorable animal.

Because they weren't able to immediately locate the owner, the piglet was turned over to Alameda County's East County Animal Shelter.

"Please help reunite this piglet with his family. Contact (925) 803-7040."

Before leaving the police department, the officers affectionately named the piglet Bacon. They ended the tweet with the adorable hashtag #BringBaconHome in hopes of finding the owner.

As of Thursday, January 27, the Pleasanton Police Department or the East County Animal Shelter has not given any updates on Bacon and if he's been reunited with his family.

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