This Is The Best Fishing Spot In California


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Pack up your tackle box because it's time to go fishing! If you enjoy going out to catch a few fish at a nearby lake in the Summer, look no further than the best lake to fish at in the whole state. Regardless of if you fish for sport or leisure, there are many spots around this lake that are perfect for reeling in various sized catches.

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the best place to fish in all of California is Lake Berryessa. This spot is particularly popular because of the variety of fish that inhabit the lake and its proximity to Napa Valley.

Here is what Cheapism had to say about the best place to fish in the entire state:

"Steep mountains paint the background of Lake Berryessa, which is about an hour outside Napa. Pick the right lures and you'll be in just the right spot to bring home dinner. Use chicken livers, nightcrawlers, salmon eggs or minnows for catfish, try silver spoons, salmon eggs, or needlefish lures for trout and salmon, and crankbaits, zara spooks, and plastic worms for bass."

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