Why Gas Prices are on the Rise in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Gas prices keep going up in San Diego and the rest of California.

The Auto Club has the County average at $6.04 a gallon for regular gas. That's about a 14 cent increase from Tuesday and an increase of well over 50 cents over the last month. Doug Shupe of the Auto Club tells NBC 7 says it's because several refineries are just now performing maintenance which usually happens in the Spring, but this year they couldn't do it.

"This year refineries were running near capacity because of inflation issues, the war with Ukraine and Russia," Shupe said.

Some stations may have not switched to the lower costing winter blend just yet which may be why some stations are posting higher prices and others may be a few if not ten cents lower.

Some places in the county are seeing prices as high as $6.79 a gallon.

Average prices are also up in Orange County at $6.09 a gallon, while Riverside County is still below six bucks a gallon at $5.94, and Imperial County is at $5.70. The highest average price in the state is in Mono County on the Nevada state line at $6.68.

Nationwide, AAA says the average price is up slightly to about $3.76 a gallon. The lowest average price is in Mississippi at $3.06.

Gas Prices Jump Back Up After Long Decline

Photo: Getty Images

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