This Restaurant Serves The Best Ramen In California

Bowl of ramen soup with spinach, carrot, boiled egg, bamboo sprouts and mushrooms

Photo: Getty Images

Ramen is a dish enjoyed by noodle lovers around the world. Many restaurants across California are known for serving exceptional ramen dishes with no shortage of vegetables, protein, broth, and other tasty garnishes. Despite the many places that serve ramen, there is one place known throughout California that serves it the best.

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the best ramen in the entire state can be found at Diakokuya located in Los Angeles.

Here is what Cheapism had to say about the best place to order ramen in the entire state:

"Little Tokyo's Daikokuya was one of the first ramen bars to kick off the noodle craze in Los Angeles, and the owners have since expanded to four locations across the city. According to The Infatuation guides, "a visit to the original Little Tokyo shop for one of their traditional bowls is a pilgrimage every ramen disciple must take." Customers line up out the door at this no-frills ramen mecca for a chance to dig into the signature Daikoku ramen in a cloudy tonkotsu broth that's been marinated for a day with a special blended soy sauce and pork bones — amp it up with kotteri (pork fat oil) and extra pork."

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