Prosecutors Reportedly Want Foxy Brown To Testify In 2Pac Murder Trial

Foxy Brown & 2Pac

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Prosecutors in the Tupac Shakur murder trial are reportedly trying to convince Foxy Brown to testify against suspect Duane "Keefe D" Davis.

According to a report The U.S. Sun published on Saturday, June 8, the prosecution is currently building a witness list to counter Davis' defense strategy. Davis, who's the only living person that has been charged with killing the prolific rapper, now claims that everything he's ever said or written about his involvement in 'Pac's death were lies to sell his autobiography and gain fame. He even goes as far as saying he wasn't in Las Vegas on the night of the shooting.

“There are secret and delicate conversations going on about Foxy being a witness at the trial," a source told the outlet. “She could prove vital in taking the stand or even making a statement about her recollection of being around the men, who claim they were in her company for a short while before they set off to murder Tupac."

“Obviously, central to her involvement to the trial will be whether she has any recollection of Keefe," they continued. "The prosecutors know that having independent and credible verification of Keefe being in Vegas would be a major benefit to their case. And it would destroy Keefe’s defense of 'there's no evidence I was even there,’ which has been presented by his lawyer in recent weeks.”

Foxy's testimony would also corroborate Davis' own mention of her in his 2019 book Compton Street Legend. In the book, Davis claimed he saw Foxy Brown on the night of the shooting while she was in a car with New York City party promoter Eric “Zip” Martin. He wrote that Martin gave him the Glock that he eventually gave to his nephew Orlando Anderson, who used the weapon to carry out the infamous shooting.

"As I walked up to the driver's side window, I noticed that the rapper, Foxy Brown, was in the car with Zip," Davis wrote in a chapter called "The Main Event." "So he instructed her to step out of the car and motioned for me to jump in. Zip had a hidden compartment that he opened up, reached in, and pulled a black .40 Glock out. He turned to me and said, ‘It's time to get the money.' Zip handed me the 17-shot pistol, which I promptly put down the back waist of my pants. I hopped out of the car, held the door open for Foxy Brown to get back in, closed the door, and they pulled off."

Despite the detailed recollection he described in his book, Davis' attorneys asserted there is "no evidence" that proves Davis was in Las Vegas on the night Shakur was shot. Davis pleaded not guilty after he was arrested last year. The trial is set to begin on November 4, 2024. As of this report, Foxy Brown has not commented on the situation.

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