Adrian Marcel On Dead or Alive Artists He Would Like To Work With

Adrian Marcel stopped by San Diego's radio station JAM'N 95.7 to chat it up with Beto Perez. He tells us what artists dead or alive he would like to collaborate with, working with Too Short and his Bay Area influences.

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Adrian Marcel Hutton (born May 22, 1990), who also known by his stage name Adrian Marcel, is an American singer, songwriter and rapper from Oakland, California. In April 2013, he released his first mixtape, 7 Days of Weak. The mixtape was presented by the Grammy Award-winning musician Raphael Saadiq, who took Marcel in as his protégé.

In November 2014, Marcel released his first RIAA-certified gold hit single, "2AM" featuring Sage the Gemini. In July 2014, he released his second mixtape, Weak After Next.

- Source Wikipedia

Adrian Marcel - 2AM. ft. Sage The Gemini [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]