Ant Man And The Wasp: This Sting Hurts

As the third and final MCU 2018 movie is released tomorrow; I had low hopes of this being as climatic as Infinity War but yet was hoping for laughter and enjoyment. I found none. Paul Rudd returns as the ant sized hero who is dealing with house arrest and a new business venture.

At first I was excited that we would see Evangeline Lily as the Wasp but found myself slowly dozing off to the cheap laughs and awing at more of the effects than the film. Not to spoil much but there's definitely some tie ins to the recent events from Infinity War you will enjoy but overall this was NOT the go to movie of the summer let alone the week. 

As a fan of MCU movies, I find myself now knowing I am not a fan of Ant Man or the bite size fun it brings. However take it for what it is as anticipation for Captain Marvel. Remember how painful Iron Fist was to get through? This is right up there with it.