Are You Guilty Of These Man Habits?

Are You Guilty Of These Man Habits?

Frankie and Tati found a list in which some women and men may even agree they're guilty of doing some of these habits!

Thanks this list is GOLD when it comes to annoying habits your  boyfriend, husband or partner may have! 

Man-Spreading Taking up all the space with your legs while simultaneously having your parts out on display is only going to make women want to keep their parts far, far away from you.

Chewing with Your Mouth Open Chewing with your mouth open. Smacking your lips loudly. Talking with food in your mouth. What are you some type of barbarian? You can follow that Paleo, Crossfit, Caveman diet, without actually being a caveman. Don't forget, your girl can be a cavewoman and only shower once every two weeks. Leave the caveman stuff in the kitchen.

Farting in Bed Here's an idea: Why don't you put yourself in the doghouse since you smell like one, anyways? No. Just no.

ARE YOU GUILTY OF THESE? Check out the full list here