Deadpool 2 Is The Best Comic Sequel Without Trying

As the resident comic book nerd; it's my duty to tell you that DEADPOOL 2 was anything but short of amazing! From start to finish, and I promise not to spoil a damn thing when I say it's all about new characters Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Cable(Josh Brolin) and little man Russell (Julian Dennison). Ryan Reynolds strikes gold again as Wade Wilson who's out for serious blood this go around. 

Our foul mouth hero hasn't grown too much since the last time we saw him but man is he is love with his ride or die Vanessa(Morena Baccarin) and is at a point in his life seeking a family...but oh don't worry folks this isn't family-love story though as Wade finds a new crew to kick ass with! 

Don't forget the Marvel golden rule: LOOK OUT FOR STAN LEE and STAY FOR THE FREGGIN CREDITS! Don't be that idiot who leaves early because you're in for what is the best post credit scene since we found out about Bucky in Black Panther...(OOPS SPOILER) Take my word for it when I say the sequel is wayyyyy better than DP1 and if you disagree...come at me! @MsRadioSapphire-IG, Twitter 



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