One Of The Dirtiest Basketball Fouls You Will Ever See

During the Class 1A division one semi-final between basketball game Hanover and Centralia on Saturday (AEDT) in Hays, Kansas, the third quarter was marred by an unattractive instance that sent the audience into raptures and also left one player face down on the basketball court. 

Hanover player Thomas Atkins should have been celebrating after his breakaway for an open court dunk. Despite the fact his play led to adding two points to the scoreboard, it was overshadowed by a terrible foul. An unnamed Centralia player was running back in defense, following Atkins while he approached to the basketball rim. However, he was certainly not going to catch the player with the ball. When Atkins jumped up for his jam, his competitor pushed him in the back while he was in middle of the air. With no hope of stabilizing himself, Atkins traveled soaring forwards and then crashed into a part of the pole holding the basketball hoop up as the audience went crazy. The offender turned his back and began walking in the other direction. Surprisingly , he was not ejected  - the occurrence was evaluated merely as a flagrant foul.

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