Dr. Dre 1995 "Love" Letter To Nicole Young

On Monday, Nicole Young stated "Irreconcilable Differences" when filing for divorce from Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre). The couple wed on May 25, 1996, but Dr. Dre began courting Nicole while she was still married to former NBA player, Sedale Threatt of the L.A. Lakers.

The letter that Dre penned to Nicole on February 26, 1995 where he asks her to "...quit f---ing with Sedale and come home to your Doctor," gives insight into the planning stages of the iconic California Love video and mentions Tupac Shakur's participation when he "gets out" (referencing a prison sentence). The letter also gives a glimpse of Dre's business acumen at a time just before things would change drastically in his world.

  • December 3, 1995 - California Love is released and sits at #1 on the Billboard Hot Charts for 100 weeks.
  • March 22, 1996 - Dre starts his own label, Aftermath Entertainment through Interscope Records.
  • September 13, 1996 - Tupac Shakur dies from multiple gun wounds.

Of course, there's

The 55-year old rapper and entrepreneur who hails from Compton, California has an estimated net worth of $800,000,000 million. The bulk of his fortune comes from selling his shares of Beats Electronics to Apple in 2014. Reports indicate that the couple did not sign a prenup when they married in 1996. Read more on the couple and their divorce.

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