Incredibles 2 Prove 14 Years Is Worth The Wait

Incredibles 2 Prove 14 Years Is Worth The Wait

Nothing like a good Disney/Pixar movie to make you relive all your childhood memories! Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15th and I have to say I already want more!! Your favorite Supers are back as Helen(Holly Hunter) and Bob(Craig T. Nelson) deal with a new change in their life...

Bob's adjusting to being the stay at home dad while Helen's fighting crime to bring back Super Heroes! Violet(Sarah Vowell), Dash(Huck Milner) adjust to the new change as baby Jack-Jack becomes a super-baby! The Parrs and Frozone(Samuel L.Jackson) find themselves also face  new villains  and obstacles that are far from anything ordinary.

I have to say I was so happy from the start of the film to final laugh! Keep those eyes open for a few hidden Mickeys and other Pixar gems as any true Disney freak knows there's always something extra in the films. 

My only complaint is...well there's NONE! Fun for everyone and the definitely about to be your new summer favorite! 

Get yourself in the mood with a few sneak peak clips below!

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