Is 'Solo' Worth A Trip To The Falcon?

Is 'Solo' Worth A Trip To The Falcon?

Back again with another movie review...this time SOLO: A Star Wars Story! As you know the movie is being released this weekend just in time as you might need a break from all the BBQing you may do.

Strip away any bit of saltiness you may have against newcomer Alden Ehrenreich being the new Han Solo and go in with an open mind! Like any prequel, we latch on to the OGs who of course paved the way into our hearts. Ehrenreich has his moments being the charming smuggler that Harrison Ford led however, I was more team Lando aka Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino who's charm, slick tongue and fashion stole every moment the screen allowed him to shine. 

The story is set somewhat between the events after Rogue One and right before A New Hope (Star Wars IV) for those who wish to play catch up and get a feel for what's ahead. Solo's journey as a young thief aspiring to be the galactic's best pilot is almost as predictable yet enjoyable as any young Jedi would agree. Along his journey he meets Tobias Beckett(Woody Harrelson) and his gang which is almost similar to the stereotypical western crew of bad boys you've seen before; and the story unfolds there. Of course you can't have Solo and not have a leading lady, Qi'ra(Emilia Clarke) who's mysterious yet so feisty you want a lightsaber to emerge in her hands! 

Without spoiling anything I will say as a die hard fan you will enjoy the movie for what is and NOT for what is COULD be. It's no disaster like Episode One(JaJa Binx anyone?) but more of a soon to be fan favorite Empire Strikes Back campy feel. Lookout for familiar faces and let me know what you think!! 

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Enjoy some of these fun clips to get you ready!

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