Jamn & Batta Fulkerson Salute SD Community Leaders

Jamn & Batta Fulkerson Salute SD Community Leaders

Our friends at Batta Fulkerson law group wanted to say thank you and spotlight a few leaders in San Diego. These three come from different backgrounds but are making SD a better place in giving back and helping others.

Aaron Reynolds Sr.

Aaron has been a community leader for many years, He started Sk8 Everyday TM Clothing in 2004 and has hosted many community events for kids including dance competitions, skateboard competition, Breakfast with Santa and 300 Meal Challenge where he feeds the homeless for Thanksgiving, He has developed many community partnerships to help others in need and is always willing to help anyone in need at a moments notice.  He has worked with City leaders to put in bus benches, clean streets and He has collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club , Salvation Army and the Jacobs Center over the years. -Nicole Reynolds

Tracy Morris http://theblueheartfoundation.org/

Tracey runs the Blue Heart Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on the education and empowerment of under-served youth in San Diego.  He spends countless hours organizing and attending community events with the young men that he serves, such as volunteering at the FANCY Awards, March of Dimes, Cooper Family Juneteenth, and many more.  Additionally, every month, he hosts a workshop geared toward a specific career field (finance, law, government, etc.) that the youth get to attend and learn about the different professions.  He has taken them to the Gafford Competition where the youth participated in a mock trial, they had a day with SDFD where they were fire cadets for the day, and he also took them to the Association of African American Educators Youth Conference.  Tracey also organizes and helps raise funds in order to provide needing and deserving youths with scholarships.-Megan Rozzelle & Melissa Jose

Dr. Katie Scuirba http://go.sdsu.edu/education/literacy-center/

Dr. Katie Scuirba is nothing short of amazing and generous, with a huge heart.  Katie runs the SDSU Literacy Center in City Heights which provides intervention and enrichment for neighborhood students in reading and writing at low and often no costs to the family.  Many people do not know about this program yet, but should.  Katie runs the center in addition to teaching university courses at SDSU.  She has been a mentor and an inspiration to me as I study literacy at SDSU.  I would love to honor her and help her attract more attention and hopefully funding to the awesome work that is happening at the center.  This summer alone Katie hosted the Write to Rise program in which students wrote and published their own books and So She Sews which incorporated literacy skills while teaching young girls to sew. -Reka Barton