Need A Halloween Costume? Here's Some DIY Ideas!

Halloween is a week away and if you're partying this weekend in the city you NEED a costume!

As heard this morning here's some quick last minute ideas from Tati!!

Minion- yellow top, overall, black glasses, yellow beanie, black shoes...



Tiger Woods

Black Cats

Super hero (shirt)

Barbie- hot pink

Medusa- snakes in your hair

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger games)- braid, brown leather jacket, black boots, green pants, bow

BIKINI BOTTOM- Sponge Bob, Squidward, Patrick




Ninja Turtle


Disney Princess


Napoleon Dynamite

Nacho Libre

Mario, Luigi

Gumball Machine- Wear all red, put a blue fuzzy ball on top of red beanie, step into a trash bag and fill with as many balloons as possible (Sapphire did this) 

Cereal killer- dress as a box of cereal with a bloody knife or spoon for laughs 

Mad Scientist- lab coat, random things in pockets, put a ton of powder in hair or wig, goofy glasses 

(Photo Credit: Choreograph/Getty Images)