Summer Movie Wrap Up With Sapphire

Summer Movie Wrap Up With Sapphire

What a week in films! The summer is officially over and now's time to get ready for the fall lineup! This week I got the chance to see: The Predator, White Boy Rick and A Simple Favor...which are worthy of seeing this weekend?


To be honest, I was never a big fan of the Predator films in fact until last month, I've never seen the film series!! I will say however this new chapter is quite enjoyable. 

No there's no cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny Glover but there's plenty of laughs, blood, guts and glory. For a second during the film you find yourself questioning if this is a long video game sequence by how choppy the scenes go and the kills The Predator brings. 

 With the all star cast of some familiar faces Trevante Rhodes(Moonlight), Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn(The Incredibles 2) and Sterling K. Brown(This Is Us) you can thank them for keeping the laughs and action moving along. 

 Predator brings the series to where it should've been back in the 80s and definitely sets up for future chapters


This was one of the movies I was HIGHLY anticipating and was found myself wanting to know more the Detroit kid turned drug kingpin. 

Matthew McConaughey and newcomer Richie Merritt play father and son Richard Werse Sr, Jr in the mid 1980s Detroit trying to make it by in Motor City's dark and shady hoods. 

The story which as it unfolds is a wild, unbelievable ride as you get to know about White Boy and his hustling from selling firearms with his dad to budding up with childhood from Boo(RJ Cyler) in becoming the youngest drug lord. 

Rick Sr, gets caught up in gun trouble which forces Rick Jr to become a FBI informant under the orders of Agent Synder(Jennifer Jason Leigh). With an enjoyable soundtrack and more familiar faces...YG anyone? You'll want more from the gangster flick by the end. 

A Simple Favor

Director Peter Feig tries to mix mystery and comedy in this martini mix of a housewife film and fails...

Personally I didn't enjoy this film and was disappointed because Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively are such a fun duo with so much potential with little to go on. 

Lively plays Emily, a sexy, stylish, alcoholic mom who's completely opposite of Stephanie(Kendrick) who's a mommy vlogger with her own dark secret under her perky, squeaky clean image. The women form an unlikely, questionable friendship which leads to a missing persons case gone wrong. 

Alongside the ladies, Emily's husband you may recognize from the summer's blockbuster Crazy,Rich Asians Henry Golding who's a struggling novelist who takes a liking to Stephanie who takes on the role of mommy/nanny to Emily's son Nicky. 

The film takes several turns in a mess of a housewife book comedy and drops the ball with solid content. 

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