Teach Your Kids To Be Humble: Tati's Two Cents

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Teach Your Kids To Be Humble: Tati's Two Cents

As Tati's husband took their daughter out on a date, she took their youngest son out teaching him a lesson in being humble.

Mommy is making sure I listen and follow with questions that in turn keep him thinking. Mommy knows that there are so many lessons he is learning while navigating through his many interactions with the other kids at school. Teaching a child to be humble is key. Most importantly, teaching him to be respectful of others whether or not they deserve it is even more important. I tell him all the time how Mommy deals with adults who still have not learned this lesson. Mommy does not want him to grow up and be one of those people. #hardestjob #raisingmen #respectful #hardworking #KIND #MEN #MOMFIRST #leadership #responsibility #godlovesyou #respectisatwowaystreet #momlife #mommoments

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