3 Movies. 3 Days...Who Came Out On Top?

The Must See Film This Week Is...

Your movie buff here! And man, 3 movies in 3 nights is HARD WORK. This week was: Unfriended:Dark Web(July 20), Skyscraper(July 13) and Sorry To Bother You(July 13)...So what's my rating? 

Find out below

Unfriended: Dark Web- C

As a horror buff, the genre always gets bent one way or another but I was so disappointed in this being that the first one was GENIUS!

Using the same formula like its predecessor, Dark Web goes further into the criminal, distrubing side of the Internet. For those not familiar to what is the dark web it's the uncensored, violent side of the web. You could order hits on people, use Bitcoins for criminal activity and more. 

The story begins with a teen finding a bunch of hidden files on his new laptop and finds out its owner can monitor his every move. Bringing his friends into this twist, one by one each of them get killed in weird and twisted ways. 

The problem with this film was the dialogue going on FOREVER, plot lines were too predictable and dare I say unoriginal that it became more of a countdown to who deserves to die next. If I were you, sneak into this film or wait to stream it....you know it'll be out before Halloween.

Skyscraper: C

It's Die Hard in Hong Kong only with The Rock as  former FBI Hostage Rescue Team member now a cybersecurity genius. Sound familiar? Ever seen Hostage with Bruce Willis? BINGO.

As the movie gives you all the action and blow sh*t up like any action buff would like, this had more bad dad jokes than anything. In the beginning I said to myself "hmmm I can sit and enjoy this..." until the stunt became more unrealistic than my COD games. 

As the cybersecurity genius gets the job of a lifetime securing a 220 floor building which oddly reminded me of the Titanic; the building is advertised as being indestructible and able to isolate fires, floods and any other disaster just gives the plot away being that SOMETHING WILL GO WRONG. And it does. 

The bad guys in this movie were a joke let alone again the ONLY thing this movie had going were the edge of you seat stunts as The Rock is one legged. Honestly this movie could've been straight to Netflix. 

Sorry To Bother You- A

If you enjoyed Dear White People(the movie and Netflix show) or Get Out....this is the film for you! 

Boots Riley in his directorial debut gives you a movie unlike any other. There's comedy, romance, a little Sci-Fi and a whole lot of WOKENESS. 

To be honest I didn't know what to expect from the Oakland center film with the talented Lakeith Stanfield as the leading role of Cassius Green aka "Cash" telemarketer with an impressive way of marketing. 

As Green climbs the corporate ladder, he finds himself questioning not only himself but also his colleagues on whether or not he's selling out using his "white voice". As the movie continues you find yourself going deep inside the creative brain of Riley who executes Colorism, corporate America and hustling 101. 

Don't miss your chance too watch a movie that will not only question yourself but also society and all that's been going on politically. 

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