Today On Frankie And Tati (04-11-19)

602a “How Do You Lose Something You Don’t Have!?”Jamboozle

Man calls his workplace about his W-2s not being sent and with taxes being due in a few days Francis is the financial department help saying that they did send them back in February. Francis gives him a hard time saying the man himself dropped the ball on following up being that taxes are due in 4 days. The man demands Francis check previous messages and then it's revealed to be a prank by his buddy!

620a Yes Or Bs: Take On Tati

Shawn, Pt Loma is sleep driving and it shows as Tati continues her winning streak

Highlight headline: A woman in NJ didn’t like her neighbor’s racy Easter decorations so she chopped the heads off and now faces charges

636a How Gross Are You Compared to Everyone Else?

FULL STORY: Do you think you're cleaner or dirtier than the average person? Well now you can find out. Almost 500,000 people recently took an online poll on hygiene and cleanliness. Here are seven questions and how people answered them . . .

1. How often do you change your sheets? 50% of us usually go more than a month, including 6% who said they "pretty much never" change them.

2. How often do you brush your teeth? Only 48% said they ALWAYS brush twice a day. Another 38% said once or twice "depending on the situation."

3. What's an acceptable amount of time to leave dishes in the sink? 55% said one day . . . 23% said a few days . . . 3% said longer . . . and 19% said do them immediately.

4. How often do you clean your bathroom? 71% said at least once a month . . . 22% said a few times a year . . . and 7% said never.

5. How often do you shower? 57% said once a day . . . 7% said twice a day . . . 35% DON'T shower every day . . . and 1% said they don't even shower every WEEK.

6. Do you ever wear a shirt twice without washing it? 87% said yes. And 27% would also wear UNDERWEAR a second time. That includes 4% who do it "ALL the time."

7. Do you always wash your hands after using the bathroom? 56% said yes, always . . . 41% said they sometimes skip it . . . and 3% RARELY wash their hands.

Marco calls from SouthEast stuck on traffic and asks to see how dirty he is

He cleans his sheets once a week, the wife washes them every Sunday

Tati brushes her teeth twice a day, same as Marco who also says he cleans his bathroom once a week. Tati says you’re lucky if you see her clean it every 3. Frankie says he’s the average

Frankie and Tati will wear a shirt twice before washing but will always wear clean undies unlike like some who don’t

656a ICYMI: Tati attempted to read 12 headlines in 95.7seconds…she made only 9


Padres beat Giants 3-1

Palomar water man saved an 88 year old woman during deliveries

Nipsey Hussle funeral live on 10a on BET

Palo Alto hs students are allowed to opt out of assessment tests with a parent’s note.But the school is bribing juniors who take the test will be entered into a raffled that could net them $100 parking permits, athletic passes, free yearbooks and VIP parking permits.

Rkelly royalites seized

Black Hole photo captured

NZ bans Most Semi-Automatic Weapons

Guava Island premiering tomorrow during Coachella! That's the short film with Rihanna and Childish Gambino

735A Dads In the Delivery Room: Discussion

A woman posted online how her husband is unsure if he wants to be present during the birth of their child. Frankie and Tati discuss as Tati had Marvin present for both births of the children they had.

747a Delivery Room Calls

Frankie says online some people are saying that dads should be there at least once to experience a live birth

A man calls in saying all men should be present since they helped make them, he’s been present for all 3 of his kids

Miki, CV says her husband cut the cord for their first birth, they’re there for support!

Beto, CV was present for his first and has another on the way; the experience is a beautiful one

Tanya, SV her bf was present for both births including the c-section of their daughter; he questioned about going a 2nd time for their son especially since it was a natural birth



Will livestream Nipsey funeral on air and online through FB at 10a


Wikileaks founder arrested


Lineup and times have been announced:

Friday, April 12

  • Childish Gambino (11:25 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Janelle Monáe (9:50-10:40 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Ella Mai (7:40-8:20 p.m., Outdoor Theatre)
  • Jaden Smith (6:25-7:15 p.m., Sahara)

Saturday, April 13:

  • Kid Cudi (11:55 p.m., Sahara)
  • Wiz Khalifa (10:05-10:55 p.m., Sahara)
  • Idris Elba (9:00-11:00 p.m., Yuma)
  • Juice WRLD (8:45-9:35 p.m., Sahara)
  • J Balvin (7:15-8:05 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Bazzi (6:05-6:45 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Sheck Wes (4:45-5:40 p.m., Sahara)

Sunday, April 14:

  • Ariana Grande(10:30 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Khalid(8:35-9:30 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • H.E.R.(9:30-10:20 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • YG(7:00-7:50 p.m., Sahara Stage)
  • Bad Bunny(5:40-6:30 p.m., Coachella Stage)
  • Playboy Carti(5:45-6:35 p.m., Sahara Stage)
  • SOB X RBE(4:20-5:20 p.m., Sahara Stage)
  • Pusha T(4:15-5:05 p.m., Coachella Stage)


Last game GAME WAS CELEB FILLED as JTimberlake, Jessica Biel, Gabrielle Union, Carmelo Anthony and more celebrated during the game and after

843A There’s Always Two Sides: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati wasn’t angry or in an argument when she had to approach one of Lincoln’s teachers. She went full mama bear mode in regards to an incident that happened. There where details left out from his side verses what the teacher told. He wasn’t in trouble but he had to be reminded that there are consequences to his actions. When it comes to her dealing with teachers she needs to step down from her aggressive mama bear mode and listen first.


East County

Earthquake a 2 pointer hit early this morning

Black Hole

Event Horizon caught it for the first time ever

Kodak Black

Was beat down by fans in Raleigh,NC after jumping from the stage during a performance

Kim K

On the cover of Vogue wants to be a criminal lawyer

954a ICYMI

Fox 5

Shally gave birth to her 4th child

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