Today On Frankie and Tati (4-15-19)

603A “I Would Feel Them Biting Me!” Jamboozle

Francis the dog grooming manager calls a woman blaming her dog for a flea outbreak at the groomers! He says they have to fumigate their business and charging her $1200. The woman says that the dog has zero fleas and Francis questions her hygiene to which it's revealed her boyfriend is behind the prank

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Sapphire With Anastasia

Anastasia, CV was on fire then got caught in the bs trap

Highlight headline: A Walmart in Wisconsin was disturbed by a karate kicking mom, her naked 26 year old son and their dog Bo as they shoplifted and fought police

655a ICYMI

Gas Prices

Avg has risen for the 26th day in a row, due to refinery issues


Weekend 1 wrapped up

Cardi B took to stage with DJ Snake

Ariana Grande brought out NSYNC minus JT

Kid Cudi dedicated his last song to Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle

Tiger Woods

Made a career comeback winning the masters for the fifth time

737a “My Son Needs To Be At My Wedding!”:Ex Chronicles

Mia calls in about her fiance Tom; saying she’s excited for the wedding and decided that her 5 year old son from a previous relationship be the ring bearer. Her ex says that their son can go if he’s allowed….Tom and the ex do NOT get along. Tom jumps on the line saying that the ex is problematic, but Mia says this an important moment.

747A Ex Chronicles Calls

Tom and Mia didn’t want to stay on the line but callers chimed in

A woman says that if they have joint custody, she needs to put her foot down on the ex being there

A man calls in and says she has to respect her husband’s feelings

Woman says that she needs to put her big panties and tell the ex their son will be in the wedding

Rican says cancel the wedding and get rid of her quick!

Relationship coach says she needs to tend to the new life, leave the past in the past and look over the custody agreement


CV Taco Shop

Cotixan Mexican and Seafood restaurant in Chula Vista shows footage of a 16 year old boy being beaten up

Tax Day

Applebees offering $1 strawberrita with twizzlers

Red Lobster offering 10%off using LOBSTER65


Brought out J Cole at O2 arena and confirmed that new music between is going to happen

856a ICYMI


Are in 1st place behind the Dodgers due to 20 yr old Tatis


Pedestrian Plaza

Opened at the San Ysidro Port of Entry giving travellers another option when heading into Mexico on foot

Lori Loughlin

Pled not guilty to the college bribery


MLB teams paying tribute including the Padres who are in first place now

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