Today On Frankie And Tati[4-17-19]

603a “I Don’t Need to Shoplift I Have Money!” Jamboozle

Francis the grocery manager calls a man saying that they have caught him several times shoplifting! The man denies that he’s been tasting grapes out of the bags is shoplifting; to which Francis compares his 3 grapes tasting to him tasting a whole steak at a restaurant and not paying for it. Francis then says because of his theft they will charge his card $150 . Thotiana the manager jumps on the line and then it's revealed to be a prank carried out by his friend

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Sapphire With Dominant Domenic

Domenick, CV is smooth talk trash talker who beats the undefeated Sapphire

Highlight headline: Companies are investing in a breast milk ingredient for adult


635a Here are the Top Three Ways People De-Stress

A new survey asked people how they DE-STRESS. And the top three answers are watch TV or a movie . . . talk to family or friends . . . and EAT.

So what do we eat to feel less stressed? The top three things are chocolate . . . potato chips . . . and cookies.

654a ICYMI


Making powder blue jerseys for home games


Mama K’s Team 4 series coming to the streaming platform it's the first African animated series with 4 teenage girls living in a futuristic Zambia


Homecoming doc and live album from her Coachella appearance dropped today

737A “You’re Not Getting That Ring Back!”: Ex Chronicles

Matt calls about his ex wife Stephanie who refuses to return his mother’s ring. He says all he wants is the ring and wants to move on after 4 years of trying. Stephanie says she didn’t decide to just up and leave...he cheated on her with THREE other women! He says she failed as a wife and thats he didn’t satisfy him

745A Ex Chronicles Calls

A woman says she’s on her side, “throw that shit in the ocean” move on and keep it!

Yasmine, Lakeside thinks she should give it back solely because it's a family heirloom but he needs to know that he failed her as a husband despite his sexual needs

Jay, El Cajon thinks they’re both at fault and asks if there’s kids involved; to which there isn’t and says move on

Another guy says Matt needs to admit he cheated and should’ve left but as far as Stephanie keeping the ring she needs her ass whooped by sisters of Matt

756a ICYMI


People living in them can stay overnight at SDCCU stadium it's one of the many places part of a proposed plan by the mayor


Going on tour together NO SD DATES they’ll be in SF in August

Nipsey Hussle

Has been memorialized in Crenshaw at Hyde Park

854a ICYMI


Vs San Jose tonight


Lost last night


Sept 13, 2019 with Cardi B, Jlo

Michelle Obama

Getting ripped on the internet over her divorce dads comment comparing them to Trump

"And we come from a broken family, we're a teenager, we're a little unsettled, and having good parents, it's tough, sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad and that seems fun until you get sick. That's what America is going through, living with divorced dad.”

956a ICYMI


Would’ve been 48 yesterday and now SDSU is going to add a class focusing on: “The course also accentuates Selena’s influence on Latinx media, media personalities, audience reception and niche marketing” SDSU assistant professor Dr. Nathian Shae Rodriguez tweeted Tuesday about the course coming Nov 1

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