Today on Frankie & Tati [4-16-19]

603A “I’m So Glad You’re Gonna Dump That Fool” Jamboozle   

Francis calls as a sing a gram worker confirming about a gram for a woman. When a man answers he confirms the woman lives there but that there’s no Joey to which confuses him. Francis sings the gram to which appears to be a message stating that the woman is dumping him.It’s then revealed to be a prank by his homeboy

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Sapphire With Duped Don

Don, CV comes up flat of victory

Highlight headline:

635A The Five Things About Our Looks We're Most Self-Conscious About

HIGHLIGHTS: According to a new survey, the top five things about our looks that make us self-conscious are our teeth, our hair, our weight, our skin, and our clothes.

FULL STORY: If you're constantly worried there's something in your teeth, you're not alone. A new survey found our teeth are the number one thing about our looks we worry about.

Here are the top five . . .

1. Our teeth. 67% of us regularly worry about how they look. So that probably includes having crooked teeth, or teeth that aren't white enough.

2. Our hair, 62%.

3. Our weight, 57%.

4. Our skin, 53%.

5. Our clothing, 41%.

The survey also found our teeth are the #1 thing about our appearance that can embarrass us. Our weight is next, then our hair.

653a ICYMI


Lost to the Rockies last night 2-5 but still #1


Several outlets are saying Eric Holder was paid $75k by possible LAPD officers to kill the rapper

Notre Dame

Was on fire yesterday, French billionaire helped pledge about 200m euros to save it; luckily the 850 year old building is still standing with just roof damage

735a Ruined Weddings

A viral video from Japan shows a woman dressed in her own wedding gown at her EX’s wedding! The woman is seeing on her hands and knees begging her ex not to marry his new wife to which the new bride leaves the altar not wanting a part of the drama

741a Ruined Calls

Top Dawg calls in about a buddy’s wedding where the bride fell overboard during the photos...8months later she filed for divorce

745a Ruined Calls

Heather, Downtown calls in to say she got married to a man she met off a party phone line in the county jail! 16 years later she’s filing for divorce as he’s about to be back in that same jail they got married in!

757a ICYMI

Boston Marathon

Kenya and Ethiopia won

Micah Herndon is seen crawling during the marathon with the help of police officers

He was a Marine, paying tribute to 3 of his soldier friends



Kicking off the playoffs tomorrow night with the Barracudas

Childish Gambino

A fan tried to sell his half smoked Coachella blunt on eBay for $1k

They took it down

Russell Wilson

Quarterback to Seahawks signed a 4yr $140m extension contract making him the highest paid player in the NFL

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