Today On Frankie & Tati [4-17-19]

Friday May 17, 2019

603a Graduation Bikini Jamboozle

Francis calls a woman as the Dean of Students to tell her she will not be able to walk during the graduation ceremony. When she asks, he says it’s because of a racy photo of her on the beach in a bikini in her graduation cap and gown. Francis calls her out for being immature and that she wasted her parents money on her education, then asks if her mother posts photos like this. It’s then revealed that her roomie is behind the prank

621A Yes Or Bs: Take On Tati With Catty Katherine

Katherine is determined to finish Tati’s losing streak but falls into the bs trap!

Highlight headline: Taco Bell announced that they will be opening a hotel called the Bell in Palm Springs

635a Four Things That Happen to Your Brain on Less Than Six Hours of Sleep[HuffPost]

FULL STORY: Experts recommend between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, but at least a third of us aren't getting that much. Here are four things that happen to your brain when you're running on less than six hours of sleep . . .

1. You get distracted more easily. Your brain constantly looks for distractions to keep you awake, which makes it harder to focus. So it might seem like you're really prone to multi-tasking, when you really just need more sleep.

2. You're more anxious. A study at Berkeley had volunteers go a full night with no sleep. And afterward, their anxiety levels were 30% higher than normal. For half of them, it was on par with having an anxiety disorder.

3. You have a shorter fuse. In a study last year, people who got an average of four-and-a-half hours of sleep were more likely to be annoyed by little things, like a barking dog. And a separate study found it also makes you less patient with your co-workers.

4. Your take bigger risks. A study in 2017 had guys between 18 and 28 go a week on five hours of sleep a night. Then they put them in a scenario where they got to gamble. And they were much more likely to place high-risk bets.

656a ICYMI Challenge...9 headlines in 95.7 seconds...Tati nabs 8

Reality Changers

A SD non profit organization is celebrating the scholarships of several hundred students at Orca Encounter at Seaworld at 4pm

Better To Give

Helping Plant heart meals this Sunday

Cardi B

In lead for BET awards nominations! J Cole, Drake, Meek Mill and 21 Savage are tied with 5 nominations

The show will take place Sunday June 23rd

John Wick 3

Is projected to beat Avengers this weekend


Adidas May 25th shoeline dropping

Chance the Rapper

New single Groceries

Trey Songz

New daddy, unsure who the baby mama is of baby Noah

The Game

Says he has stopped paying tribute to Nipsey out of respect for Lauren London and Hussle’s family/friend who may feel triggered by the daily posts

737a “This Is Not A Normal Happy Couple Thing”: Ex Chronicles

Connor calls in to break up with Katie saying she’s too good for him especially since he’s cheated on her multiple times.

Katie says despite the cheating and sneaking around she still wants him! She says she loves hard and thinks Connor and her would be the best people if they got past this hurdle. Connor says being with her is making him a worse person…

746a Ex Chronicles Calls

A woman calls in says she was a multiple cheater, and says after the last time she was able to understand her mistakes and work on herself to stop from cheating! She sympathizes for Katie but says she’s gotta let him go.

Nicole, La Jolla says she’s with Connor and says you can’t force a person to be with you, find someone better!

April, Otay Mesa says Katie needs to cut the ties! “If a man wants to work on themselves...let him go to do it. If you’re soulmates it will be meant to be”

Jon, El Cajon has been in Connor’s shoes and says Katie is dillusional

Katie is still convinced they’re soulmates, and says if Connor needs a break then she’ll give it

Connor accepts the break but pushes her to date other people too, then also says they could still be friends.

756a ICYMI

Simple Sundays


Bring goods for the homeless at Bayfront Park


Grumpy Cat dead at 7


Says we as Black Queens need to allow our Black Kings to have side chicks...

Father of Asahd

Wish Wish[Cardi B, 21 Savage]

Jealous[Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Chris Brown]

You Stay[J Balvin, Meek Mill, Jeremih & Lil Baby]

Higher[Nipsey Hussle, John Legend] *video on jamn*

841a Know Your Role: Tati’s Two Cents

Tati says 10-15 years ago she wasn’t a good listener with her oldest kid, but has grown. Yesterday her daughter said she wanted to be part of the stage crew instead of being on stage. She said this time she wanted to work behind the scenes and passionately told Tati was going on. Tati says not everyone needs to be the star but if you know your’re good!

854a ICYMI

In Theatres

A Sun Is Also A Star

John Wick 3

A Dog's Purpose


Vs Pirates tonight at 710p winefest in the park!

National Bike to Work Day

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