Today On Frankie & Tati [4-19-19]

It's 420 eve and not even Snoop could handle the smoke Frankie and Producer Sapphire gave on air today!

603a “A Little Mall Bunny Can’t Handle A Kid Kick?”

Francis calls a father to tell him about his son’s behavior taking a picture with the Easter bunny calling him a brat for the abuse he did. The father isn’t happy that Francis the Easter bunny assistant is calling his son a brat, and threatens to kick his ass. Francis claims that his boss, aka the bunny doesn’t go t the gym and is very “fragile”, threatening a’s then revealed that his wife is behind the prank

618a Yes Or BS: Take On Sapphire With Fine Fabian

Fabian, National City hoped to bring a W to end the week but fell victim to the bs headlines

Highlighted headline: A husband and wife fought over taxes and she shot him in the back to settle the matter. She now faces murder charges

656a ICYMI


Abby Motzer, 15, is believed to have walked away from her Vista home at about 3 p.m. Thursday and has not been seen since. The teen had no shoes on when she left the home on E. Bobier Drive near the intersection with E. Vista Way and headed eastbound. Her whereabouts after that are unknown.SDSO said Motzer functions at a 12-year-old level and has a history of walking away from home, though she has not been reported missing before.

2020 President

Joe Biden throwing his name in the candidacy; he will make it official next Wednesday

New Music

French Montana-Slide ft Blueface

Lil Dicky-Earth

The Weeknd, SZA, Travis Scott-Power is Power


738A “Your Wife Needs To Know…”:Ex Chronicles

Anonymous man calls in about his recent affair with anonymous woman; he decided to break it off and do right by his wife. The coworker is pregnant and wants to tell his wife which anonymous man is against her doing.

748A Ex Chronicles Calls

Sade says that it's weird that because a baby is involved she know wants to tell the wife

Yasmine says that anonymous man is a POS but also adds that the woman knew what she was getting involved in before the baby

Shanae, El Cajon says he needs to come clean, she was in the same similar situation and was 4/5months pregnant when she found out the baby daddy had another kid

Molly, Encinitas was in a similar situation and wanted to terminate but says the grace of God had her miscarry

Anonymous woman jumps back on and says the 3 of them are going to talk, anonymous man says it's a bad idea but he’s going to be there for the chat

755a ICYMI

SD Gulls

Lost to SJ 3-5 tieing the Calder cup series 1-1


Also lost last night to the Reds 4-1

Notre Dame

Fire was caused by possible short circuit

Nicki Minaj

Split from managers right before Coachella last week, it was amicable


420 Events

Bayked festival ft Rick Ross 2-9pm

Colten Underwood @Hard Rock Hotel

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