Today on Frankie & Tati [4-22-2019]

Tati's still Down Under and it's her birthday as Frankie and Producer Sapphire send her love....

603a Schoolboy Pickup Lines

Francis calls as an elementary school administrator to tell a dad that his son is in the principal’s office. The dad asks why and says his son is using random pickup lines to several girls at school. The father is baffled and says “he’s only 7” and Francis says here’s an example of a corny pickup line including: “Can I can get a picture so I can tell Santa what I want for Xmas.” Francis asks if he uses corny lines on his wife because maybe that’s where he’s getting it from. Then the final example is a reveal that his wife is jamboozling him in which the father asks if it’s Frankie V calling

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Sapphire With Damn Daniel

Daniel in SouthEast, couldn’t see past the bs with this morning’s headlines

Highlight headline: A FL man was fingerprinted for groping a female bartender then proceeded to grope the fingerprint


31-year-old Anna Conkey

Entered a church in Claremont pointing a gun at church members and a child


Seth Moulton announced his 2020 Presidency run for dems


Turns 3!! DJ Quik, Too Short, Lighter Shade of Brown and THE LUNIZ live on stage at SDCCU Stadium Practice Field on Saturday, June 8th.  Plus live DJs, street art, old school cars, and cold Bud Light! 21+ Event.

736a “Get Your Rent Free Ass Off My Couch!”: Ex Chronicles

Carson calls in about his ex Keena; he says that Keena was high maintenance when they were together. He lost his job as they broke forward to 6 months he’s living with her on her couch...RENT FREE!

Keena says Carson makes her seem like a gold digger, but says that Carson plays video games all day, and has yet to find a job.

747A Ex Chronicles Calls

Guy calls in and says Carson is “doing wayyyy too less” he’s a half ass man

Aaron, MV says ys

Rina, CV says 6 months is a long time, she too had an ex live off her and wasn’t good

Keena says she’s giving him 1 month and doesn’t want to see him play games eating cereal all day

Carson agrees

757a ICYMI


Won last night against Reds; now they're in 2nd place for NL


beat Barracuda last week and tied up the series 1-1

they face SJ again tonight for Game 3

Sri Lanka

290 people dead after a bomb went off in a mosque and hotel

Summer Tours

CB/Nicki going on tour this summer

Wiz, French, Decent Summer tour Aug 1 in CV

8:43a 2 CENTS: 10 Year Challenge 1/14/19

Tati says she’s not trying to post what she’s done 5-10 years ago because it's the same thing she’s currently doing now. She cares about stories, how much wisdom have you gained, she doesn’t care about the TBT but give more insight on how you changed as a person!!

857a ICYMI

Nipsey Hussle

The man injured during the shooting was released over the weekend from a 25yr sentence; the 56 year old man was detained for violating parole which included being involved gang activities


Justin Bieber jumped on stage with Ariana Grande performing Sorry

Kanye West

Had Sunday Service at Coachella and performed a new song called Water no word if it’s part of Yandhi

955a ICYMI

Coming 2 America

Ruth E Carter has started the fitting of costumes

James Earl Jones is said to be returning.

Dave Chappelle is rumored to be in the movie. His character, 'Baba' is an old shaman from Zamunda that advises King Jaffe.

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