Today On Frankie & Tati [4-23-19]

604a “You’re Crying Over Hot Water” Jamboozle

Francis the apartment maintenance worker calls a man confirming that they will fix his hot water two weeks! The man is surprised Francis says that he should boil hot water and put it into a bath, to which the man says he has a sweat problem and needs to wash his clothes thoroughly. The man suggests that they hire outside if they’re having issues with scheduling but then Francis suggests they hire his girlfriend who’s behind the jamboozle.

619a Yes Or BS: Take On SapphireWith Angelic Alexis

Alexis, National City is a virgin to yes or bs...sadly it shows as Saph wins!

Highlight headline: A woman high on coke drives to a Pennsylvania police station asking a cop to legalize cocaine

654a ICYMI

Luke Walton

Is being sued for sexual assault for a 2016 attack by a woman in a Santa Monica hotel

Cap'n Crunch

Releasing a limited edition of cotton candy cereal this summer....


Just had his 10th child with his 8th baby mama!! She gave birth on Easter

735A Posting Your Kids On Social Media

P!nk went on Ellen to say she will no longer post photos or videos of her kids due to trolls on social media.The decision to stop posting her children came after critics slammed her last month for sharing a photo of her kids after her son, Jameson, had taken off his wet swim diaper, baring his private area. The photo received mixed reviews, with some fans shaming the singer for not only posting the moment online but also because of her son’s circumcision. The ordeal made the singer significantly rethink what she shares online.

At dinner last night, Frankie’s friends asked him his thoughts of posting their kids to which he says he’s not sure how’d he feel

Sapphire says with some of her nannying clients they ask her not to post the kids and she adds that she’s beginning to not post photos of her cousin aka nephew who’s father is singer big on social media

749a Social Media Kids Calls

A Father calls in to say he posts their kids on a private account family only

Kristin, Mission Valley has a separate private page for family and friends then has a public page to which has no features of her kids

Another mom says she doesn’t post photos of her 9month year old son, once it’s on the internet it’s there for life. She will only post once in awhile, she doesn’t want him all out there

Hayley, Esco posts her kids all the time she loves to show them off, but says if she was a celeb she’d keep the kids on the DL

Angelique says she posts publicly so she can go back and grab the memories back after her phone broke and before iCloud

758a ICYMI


Have pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to jumping the teen in CV taco shop last week


From now until May 4th Target will recycle them and receive 20% off their new car seat/purchases

Kevin Durant

Shooting his shot at Adele who’s recently separated from her husband

He’s following her on social media and creeping hard

840a 2 CENTS: Trust Your Gut:1/24/19

Tati says she’s no expert but she tries to listen, sometimes she needs someone to tell her to stop overthinking and go with instincts. Yesterday an older friend lent their two cents and wisdom to her, saying she needs to stop second guessing herself and getting into her head. “You’re not you when you do that”. The first 7 seconds of instinct is the right choice…

855a ICYMI

Kid Cudi

Teamed up with Postmates to delivery $10k of Popeyes Chicken to Coachella’s homeless rescue mission

The Brothers

Involved with Jussie Smollett are suing Smollett’s attorneys for defamation of character

955a ICYMI


Who was seen tossing puppies near Coachella has been arrested and could face 7 counts of animal cruelty

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