Today On Frankie & Tati [4-25-19]

Do you have a coworker who always steals your food? Tati had to call 911 this morning..

602a "Your Herpes Got To Her Hands!" Jamboozle

Francis calls as a massage parlor manager telling man who recently had a appointment that after the masseuse touched him she now has developed strawberry like rashes on her hands. The man claims that there’s no way she got the rash from him and that she would have contracted from him. Francis calls him out saying he had herpes and then it's revealed his wife set up the prank

620a Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Glorious Gloria

Gloria,San Marcos is a newbie taking on Tati and unfortunately it shows with the headlines that were too good to be bs

Highlight headline: A Phoenix mom was arrested after punching her 7 year old son in the face for being a bad lookout for his shoplifting grandma


Tati had to call the cops this morning in Rancho Bernardo because she an old man on the onramp of the freeway. She called the cops to come get him and the rest of the show is checking news outlets to see if anything’s been reported

656a ICYMI...9 stories in 95.7 seconds....Tati almost gave 10!!

Kim K

North West threw a tantrum over not being able to wear Kim’s pink snakeboots to school and posted it to Twitter

Shots Fired

After a police chase in Solana Beach that ended in two officers injured on the I-5

National Day

Take your kids to school day


Complained to Twitter CEO over having less followers than Obama

Chalking Tires

Still legal in SD but has been made illegal in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Bun B

shot a home intruder who tried to take his wife's luxury c


Has a new dance challenge for her cover of Maze’s Before I Let Go

Damian Lillard

Sister stormed the court after he made that epic shot

735A Petty Coworkers And Their Actions

Someone in the Iheart kitchen stole our sound engineer's salad twice so he posted $5 for that thief to buy their own food. An anchor from KOGO was pissed about people not making coffee after the last cup and demanded that the pot she made have a cup saved for her...

748A Petty Calls

Woman calls in to say the men in the office leave a mess for the women to clean up; there’s a guy who eats tuna and leaves the residue in the sink and bowls!



All lanes are closed at Olympic Pkwy and Otay Lakes Rd one fatality reported

Better 2 Give

s/o Plant Heart Meals drive going on May 19th looking for vegan products and food

The Game

Has been posting Nip daily, and said when he had Nipsey on tour, gangs weren’t happy

On this Day

In 2002 Lisa Left Eye Lopez died at 30 due to a car crash in Honduras

843a Mind Your Own Kids:Tati’s Two Cents

Tati remembers being a young mom and the pressures of keeping her oldest in line. A viral video shows a woman sitting at a table near a young mom and her son to which the young mom yells and spats at the other woman. The older woman felt the need to reprimand the kid, to which wasn’t pleasing to the young mom. Stop being an unnecessary hero! Pay attention to your own.

851A Two Cents call

Britney, CV says she doesn’t like seeing kids act out in public and says parents need to take the kids out of the situation and tell them how to act

855a icymi

National Day

National DNA

East Meets West

Joe Biden

Has announced his candidacy for 2020 , some dems and repubs aren’t happy

Fancy Expo

For teen girls this Saturday 10 am-2pm

O'Farrell Charter School

6130 Skyline Dr, San Diego, CA

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