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As some are still recovering from Avengers:Endgame

and last night's Game Of's what you missed today on the show!

Monday, April 29, 2019

605a “You Can Have A Courtesy Lawsuit!” Jamboozle

Francis the dentist calls a woman to ask about her recent visit and if she’s been sick since the tooth filling. He tells her that he believes that a screw from the dental drill might be inside of her stomach, she asks if he has the right person to which he says this is a “courtesy phone call” and suggest that she be careful when pushing her poop because she might experience some injury!

615a Yes Or BsTake On Tati With Q

Quintin, Mira Mesa was awake this morning as he took the win!!

Highlight headline: An Australian Robber Uses a Grocery Bag to Hide His Face . . . But Takes It Off to Carry the Stuff He Stole

635a What Would You Do?Police Are Asking Drivers To Return $30K In Cash That Spilled Off The Back Of A Truck In Michigan

Michigan police are asking the public to return $30k that spilled on a highway last week!

On Saturday the department reported that a woman returned $3,880 while two teens returned $630...

Frankie asks Tati and Producer Sapphire would do...they both say they'd keep it as blessings!

Frankie says he'd return it...much to Tati and Sapphire's disbelief

655a ICYMI


In Poway, Rabbi Goldstein says “We are a Jewish nation that will stand tall,we will not let anyone or anything take us down.”

A 19 year old man was armed with an assault rifle and opened fire on innocent worshippers at the Chabad of Poway. Among the victims, a 60 year old woman named Lori Gilbert-Kaye


$1.2b making it the #1 movie of the year

735a Reflecting off the Chabad Tragedy

On Saturday a shooter opened fire at Chabad of Poway to which the victim, Lori Gilbert-Kaye who’s a family friend of Frankie’s friend PJ of Barbusa.

Tati and Sapphire were at the Fancy Expo when Sapphire got the news through her phone; Tati lives near the Chabad saying it didn’t hit her fully until after the event and her husband Marvin calling her to tell her their exit was blocked off

746A Chabad calls

Anthony, Poway calls in to say he’s worked with Rabbi Goldstein in housing development saying he’s always been a positive man

Cesar, CV says on Saturday his family and him went to see Endgame saying his daughter questioned if someone was going to shoot up the theater due to it

Lincoln, Tati’s son was the one who told their daughter and husband about the shooting

Arie’s friend’s father was at the service when the shooting happened as well

757a ICYMI

Chabad Shooting

Memorial for Lori Gilbert Kaye

At 2pm at Chabad Poway at 2pm

Burial at 4pm El Camino cemetary

John Singleton

NOT dead, on life support in a possible medical induced coma

Conflicting reports with the family and his health has been circulating 

842a Solutions and Preventions:Tati’s Two Cents

When you hear about these shootings like the one over the weekend in have to use your voice. Instead of talking about the characteristics of the heroes, we need to shift the conversation to solutions and preventions. We shouldn’t feel as though these tragedies are the norm.


Chabad Shooting

Rancho Bernardo’s hero Oscar Stewart was one of the victims and hero who chased the gunman


People are mad at LaShawn McCoy because he spoiled the movie Someone says that the NFL should suspend him for the season

954a ICYMI


19 year old shooter is facing murder charges he was from the Carmel Mtn area


Performed B Sides at the newly renovated Webster’s Hall in NYC

Dissed Avengers "This shit means a lot to me. I know the 'Avengers' is playing in a theater down the block and all, but the Avengers aren't even real."

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