Today on Frankie & Tati[4-30-19]

Sometimes being nice isn't the best payout...find out what happened to a friend of Tati...

605A Assistant Wedding Planner Jamboozle

Francis calls as a wedding planner assistant to tell a woman a few days before her wedding that the venue has been double booked. The woman is confused as Francis says he’s going to move the date of the wedding to next weekend. “Same wedding different weekend” he even adds that he’ll add free chicken fingers into the deal, the woman gets insulted and says she’s going to write a Yelp review. It’s then revealed her Maid of Honor is behind the Jamboozle and she’s still

620A Yes Or BS: Take On Tati With Aced Alicia

Alicia, Mission Valley is ready to possibly go to Vegas but fails to beat the brainy T!

Highlight headline: A 54 year old woman called the cops in how to kill her boyfriend and even hit him in the head with a VCR!

6:35A- Seven Old Wives Tales You Probably Still Live By []

  1. It’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors. We don’t know why we just know it’s true so don’t do it!
  2. Setting your purse on the ground signifies brokeness. It’s debatable if putting your purse on the ground means you will go broke or you already are broke, but ladies the know of this tale is to NEVER put your bags on the ground. Lap only!
  3. Dreaming of fish means someone close to you is pregnant. That dream is probably ranked top 3 worst dream stories to hear from a friend. So far, it seems to be a pretty accurate baby detector throughout the generations.
  4. Palms itching? Money is either coming or going, depending on which palm. Right means money’s coming. Left means money going. DJ Infamous confirmed that in 2012 with his joint “Itchin’.”
  5. If your parents used to tell you sitting too close to the tv will make you blind, they weren’t lying…back then. Back in the day, TVs emitted more than 100,000 times more radiation. But still, this is surely a wives tale that will be told to children until the end of technology.
  6. If you’re ears start ringing, someone is talking about you. This has obviously never been proven, but we like that it gives us a false sense of acknowledgment for a moment.
  7. Swallowing gum takes at least seven years to digest. Even though it actually digests immediately like everything else, it doesn’t hurt to still use a little scare tactic with our kids.

653A ICYMI Challenge-Tati attempts 9 stories in 95.7 seconds…SHE DOES IT!

Missing Teen

15 year old Abbey Motzershe’s autistic and this the 2nd time in 2 weeks


HS’s No Hate Week is coincidence after the Chabad shooting, the week is designated to educate students on acceptance

John Singleton

Dead at 51, life support was pulled by family yesterday

Crooked Cop

In Boyz n The Hood Jessie Lawrence Ferguson died over the weekend at 76

Kylie Jenner

Got Travis Scott a birthday billboard in LA with her and Stormi on it

Chris Rock

Deleted a meme of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston that said “Hurry Up I got crack to smoke” Brown wasn’t pleased


Canceled due to production issues, didn’t want to be like another Fyre Festival

Teen Girl

Kay Kay vandalized a Nipsey mural in Connecticut and filmed it, the mural since then is getting fixed

Rodney King

Daughter Lora just launched I’m a King scholarship for black fathers

717a Tati Went to Poway HS’s vigil for Poway Chabad

The vigil took place on the HS field, they honored Lori who was killed at the scene. Mayor Faulconer was present and spoke, Tati said a Baptist pastor deliver a powerful speech

738a When Good Deeds Demand Rewards[DISCUSSION]

Tati’s friend was at the airport and left her phone at the security checkpoint; she was being helped by a porter who said they would return the phone to her...she made her flight but without her phone.

She got a call from the person who said that he wanted a tip because he found it. She didn’t tip him and he never returned the phone

748A When Good Deeds Demand Rewards[CALLS]

Reuben calls in and says his wife left her phone at a grocery store to which a guy answered and asked “what kind of reward do I get? I can get $200 easy for it!” They in return also found a man’s phone the following month and returned it to a Verizon for them to pick up

Tanya, La Mesa left her phone in a cab in Mexico to which a man returned the phone but also asked/expected pay.

Jerome, Skyline is a Lyft driver who says people leave things in his car all the time, to which people now get charged to retrieve

757a ICYMI

John Earnest

Has been charged with arson in an Escondido mosque as well as his crimes for the Poway Chabad


Has been advised to stop singing due to possible permanent damage

818A Frankie's Neighbor Encounter

Yesterday Frankie avoided his neighbor who was simply knocking on his door to tell him that they'd be throwing a party and wanted to warn him about noise!

843a Parental Guilt:Tati's Two Cents

There was a statement made by the synagog shooter family "We are shocked and deeply saddened by the terrible attack on the Chabad of Poway synagogue. But our sadness pales in comparison to the grief and anguish our son has caused for so many innocent people. He has killed and injured the faithful who were gathered in a sacred place on a sacred day. To our great shame, he is now part of the history of evil that has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries.” The family has added that they will not pay for their son’s legal fees

855a ICYMI


Spent $5m on Billboard awards performance as well as will have Swae Lee and Quavo on her new album

956a ICYMI

Chris Pratt

Had a BTS video of Endgame

Braxton Family

Lauren Braxton, daughter of the braxton brother has died of heart failure

Jonah Hill

Got Travis Scott a birthday cake with his face on it

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